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    6 August 2022

    • curprev 14:2414:24, 6 August 2022NeonWabbit talk contribs 1,541 bytes +1,541 Created page with "local p = {} local function trim(s) return s:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$') end local function isnotempty(s) return s and s:match('%S') end function p.check(frame) local args = frame.args local pargs = frame:getParent().args local checknested = isnotempty(args['nested']) local delimiter = isnotempty(args['delimiter']) and args['delimiter'] or ';' local argpairs = {} for k, v in pairs(args) do if type(k) == 'number' then local plist = mw.text.split(v, delimiter)..."