Music Practice: Songs and Score from and inspired by Combat Practice 2

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Music Practice: Songs and Score from and inspired by Combat Practice 2
Fighters from Combat Practice 2 pose musically. From left to right: Cecilia rings a bell, Harper plays a large harp, Katherine is about to hit a drum with her staff, Keiko plays a violin, Wendolyn sings on a microphone, Peter crashes cymbals, Carin is on keytar, Amber plays a flute, Luna sits down to play a kalimba, and November also sits down to play her cello. Wendolyn also holds two fingers up in a peace sign.
Early version of the album cover, showing all 10 fighters from the base game on various musical instruments, including Wendolyn on vocals.
Soundtrack album to Combat Practice 2
GenreVideo game music
LabelFishal Project Records

Music Practice: Songs and Score from and inspired by Combat Practice 2 is a soundtrack album to the fighting game Combat Practice 2.




Album artwork



Track listing

Disc 1 (In-game music)
1."Warmup / Stretching" (soundtrack exclusive)   
2."It's Time for Combat Practice 2!"SarcasticButSincere, NeonWabbitNeonWabbit 
3."CP2 - Main Menu"   
4."Practice Room"   
5."The Bells That Toll for the Girl in the Ashes" (Cecilia's Theme)Josh PracyNeonWabbit 
6."A Spearfishing Seal?!" (Harper's Theme)   
7."Give It Up for... The Drummin' Kit" (Katherine's Theme)   
8."Fighting Firebreather" (Keiko's Theme)   
9."A.B. (Apologetic Barmaid)" (Wendolyn's Theme)   
10."Peter, the Wife Beater" (Peter's Theme)   
11."Careful! The Princess Abaddon Cometh!" (Carin's Theme)   
12."Bondemi, Taefed'd No Longer" (Amber's Theme)   
13."Practiced Combatant" (Luna's Theme)   
14."November's Theme, but Epic" (November's Theme)Josh PracyNeonWabbit 
15."Yin for the Win" (Yin's Theme)   
16."Ode to Those Who Practice Combat" (credits)   
Disc 2 (Demos, extras, etc.)
1."Studio RGB-Newt Theme"NeonWabbit0:05
2."The Fishal Project Theme"NeonWabbit0:05
3."Combat Practice" (original ver.)SarcasticButSincere 
4."The Girl in the Ashes" (original ver.)Josh Pracy 
5."November's Theme" (original ver.)Josh Pracy 



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