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The-F0X character
Yin ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
  • 32 (season 1, 2 and movie)

Yin is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Yin appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as billionaire, president, and CEO of multiple companies. She always claims her age is 32, no matter what year it is, and says her greatest mistake was hiring Yang, whom she promptly fired after he made his billions.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Yin and Yang (2010-04-06)

Yin is seen flying above Yang. Yin is an evil dragon. Yin and Yang have a connection to Kari and Sketch as they are reincarnations. Yin is listed as the spirit of death.[1]

Yin (2010-04-06)

Yin appears as a panther. In the image description, Yin's spirit animal is listed as a "panther-like" cat. It doesn't cost any energy to transform into a spirit animal.[2]

Chibi Yin and Yang (2010-04-12)

A chibi version of Yin is shown sitting next to Yang.[3]

OC Meme (2010-04-15)

Yin is seen angry in the character lineup. In hypothetical scenarios, she makes out with Foxi, is also kidnapped by Foxi, and eats Mara as revenge for Mara murdering her best friend. She claims not to know where Mara is as she is pictured with Mara's tail hanging out of her mouth.[4]

Kari Reference Sheet (2010-04-23)

Yin is listed as one of the two creators of the world, along with Yang. They also created the plants, animals and other inhabitants. Yin turned to darkness to create balance. This consumed her, and as Yin felt darkness should rule over light, she made an army of evil minion dragons and war broke out, raging on for millennia and taking the lives of millions. Ultimately, Yang and Yin fought one last battle and as they both fell, finally balance was created. Millions of more years later, with Yin starting to return, Yang had to come back and save the world from darkness once again. But as they were both dead, their spirits had to inhabit new bodies, Kari and Sketch. At the age of 6, Kari ran away, only to find herself cornered by two large dragons wanting the evil spirit of Yin to come fourth once more and lead them to a dark world.[5]

-Scene- (2010-05-04)

In a roleplay with The-F0X, CarrierofHeartbreak's OC Kevin turns into a dragon to flirt with Yin. He epically fails at trying to flirt with Yin, as she is "147314026572618 years old" and the creator of darkness.[6]

Spirit Of The Moon (2010-05-11)

In the image description, Yin is once again listed as the spirit of death.[7]

Page1, Page2, Page3 (2011)

Yin calls Cari to a void, reminding her that it's Cari's home, also calling Cari a "devil". Cari prefers the term "demon" and calls Yin a "hag", demanding to know why she was summoned. Yin reveals that the balance is broken, and that Cari should see for herself. Yin conjures up an image of the Spirit Ancestors, saying that Cari being in the mortal world with Kari has driven them crazy. Cari laughs and calls them vulnerable, and Yin says that she has learnt well.[8]

:: Yin -:0:- Yang :: (2011-09-01)

Yin is shown with a wide, open mouth. Yin is in her earthly form, as a panther, though it is possible for her to change her form at any time.[9]

Sketch dump of D00M (2012-10-31)

Yin is seen surrounding Cari, Kari, and Sketch, with Yang and Rei.[10]

Traditional Ultimate Sketch Dump :I (2012-12-06)

Yin is shown in various sketches over the years, flying, lounging, in detail, and standing in battle against Yang.[11]

:: Yin and Yang :: (2013-01-22)

Yin is seen roaring at Yang.[12]

:: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 :: (2013-12-24)

Yin sits and watches Yang resting on a rug under the Christmas tree.[13]

red eyed character piece (2015-10-05)

Yin appears in this collage, in her human, dragon, and panther forms.[14]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Yin as being a spirit.[15]

Yin Concept Sketches (2016-05-09)

Various sketches of Yin in her human form. The image description claims that Yin having a human form is new, but months earlier, a version of Yin in her human form first appeared in the red eyed character piece (see above).[16]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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