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The-F0X character
Tybalt ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
SpeciesMustelid animal

Tybalt is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Tybalt appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as Katherine's pet, who used more in her magic stage shows than her other pet, Derbunny - which makes Derbunny jealous.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Magician and her Assistant (2014-10-08)

Tybalt is seen on Katherine's arm.[1]

Spellbook Series : Pt.1 (2015-03-01)

Tybalt is shown on Katherine's hat, looking at Fetch.[2]

10599615_10203185698192695_4417055319763995611_n (2015-03-13)

Tybalt is seen inside Katherine's hat, with Katherine looking at him.[3]

11051964_10203244136133607_23122119466140169_n (2015-03-22)

Tybalt is shown wearing a white sweater that has pink and blue highlights at the bottom, to match one of Katherine's outfits that is different from her regular one.[4]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

Tybalt is seen on Katherine's shoulders, in an alternate colour palette.[5]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

The page for Katherine lists Tybalt as her pet.[6]

Hunger Games Simulator - OC's (2015-08-29)

Tybalt is shown crying with Fetch, at the loss of Katherine.[7]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Tybalt is seen on top of Katherine's hat, looking down. He is also shown standing on her shoulders, with his forelegs resting on her tall collar.[8]

Kitty Kit Wtich (2015-09-06)

Tybalt, in Halloween makeup, smears his dirty paws on Katherine's face.[9]

red eyed character piece (2015-10-05)

Tybalt appears in this OC collage, leaping forward.[10]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Tybalt as being a pet in the AU.[11]

A kid and her tube cat (2015-11-26)

Katherine kisses Tybalt on the cheek.[12]

Are you intimidating or cute I can't tell anymore (2016-01-07)

Tybalt one-paw balances on one of Katherine's ribbons.[13]

Stage Magician - Speedpaint (2016-01-29)

Tybalt with a card in his mouth.[14] A speedpaint of this image is included in the description.[15]

Badland Twins (2016-02-02)

Tybalt stands on Fetch's knee.[16]

Character Sketches (2016-02-02)

Tybalt looks shocked near Katherine's happy, surprised face.[17]

I'm A Star MAP Part 4 (2016-07-16)

Tybalt climbs up Katherine's back, onto her shoulder, and smiles.[18]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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