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The-F0X character
Taken ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Additional design byeqen
SpeciesReptile animal

Taken is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, who was redesigned by eqen, as a commission for her[1]. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Taken appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as a graveyard worker and at its connected morgue and funeral home. He volunteers during emergency situations, and is seen hanging around fatal accidents if the casualty number is high. Nobody really knows why.


Nyah Has an Adventure

.:Auctioning OCs:. (2011-05-29)

While selling off OCs she no longer wanted, The-F0X decided to keep the first one listed, adding the word "taken" next to them (as one would do when an OC has been sold). This word became the character's name.[2]

.:Taken Reference Sheet:. (2011-08-18)

Taken (nicknamed "Second Chance"), seen taking a soul back to Earth to be reborn, is an eastern draco canis. He is a spirit dweller, and a soul weaver, with the ability to travel to and from the realm of living souls. He is the provider of a second chance to those who have hope and belief. Many say that a gift must be provided to him in order for their second chance, though this has not been proven. Taken has strong horns, incredible hearing, can see in the dark, opposable thumbs and four toes on all four feet, bandaged scars and mouth, a flexible tail and body, and bells or chimes believed to be used to call souls to be saved. If Taken uses an earthly form, it is that of a big cat. He can take no other forms. He was originally going to be draco felis, but is more wolf-like.[3]

:: OC PARTAY :: (2011-11-08)

Taken is seen in the top-right corner.[4]

:: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 :: (2013-12-24)

Taken is shown relaxing on the carpet, in front of Anubis.[5]

Taken Reference Sheet (2016-04-30)

A redesigned Taken, with inspiration taken from a commission by eqen.[6]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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