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The-F0X character
Stitch ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
SpeciesFloral parasite

Stitch is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Stitch appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as a parasite, and is therefore illegal.

Stitch's host body comes from a government experiment to create artificially cloned vessels that parasites could reside in, so that they wouldn't have to rely on natural life, much like the experiment that resulted in EXD-002. However, unlike EXD-002, the vessel did not showcase any signs of life, and therefore a parasite was not bothered to be introduced. After disposal and slight decay of the vessel at a landfill, it was discovered by a parasite that successfully took over the body, but due to the instability of its host, the goo that makes up the parasite's core constantly leaks out.

As parasitical goo can dry up and permanently die by shriveling away (depending on conditions such as clean fluids not being nearby, and/or heat), Stitch constantly has to stitch its body up to close any holes. He doesn't bother to stitch up his head due to that preventing his ability to speak, and goo sometimes drips from his mouth because of this. However, he can easily slurp it back up.

At one point, Stitch was temporarily kept as a slave by a female garbageman, who didn't realize that he was a parasite. An environmentalist later noticed the chained Stitch, and set him free. Stitch was then captured by Flye, and his pet dragonfly, and is now used in very unethical experiments in Flye's underground laboratory - though Stitch seems to enjoy them. Currently, the government is aware that Flye has their abandoned vessel, but not that there is a parasite inside it.


Nyah Has an Adventure

animation2 (2011)

Stitch bobs his head, and also curls his ears and tail.[1]

.:Stitch:: Ref:. (2011-06-03)

Stitch is a depth demon. The reference sheet mainly showcases how his goo wings come out, and how his mouth opens when aggressive. The image description states that his goo is deadly. It is noted that he looks like a fully-grown Drake, but Drake is of a different species.[2]

ATTACK OF THE OCs :DUMP: (2011-06-20)

Stitch is shown as a red-monochrome digital sketch headshot, and as a traditional marker pen drawing where (like Drake), he sports a zebra-like colour scheme.[3]

Oh Kato. (2011-09-09)

Stitch is included in this compilation of four doodles created for The-F0X's friend Muddison.[4]

.:Stitch Headshot:. (2011-09-30)

Stitch is seen yawning against a gooey background.[5]

:: OC PARTAY :: (2011-11-08)

Stitch is shown at the bottom, flicking his tongue out towards Plague.[6]

The face on this guy XD (2011-12-12)

A sketch of Stitch, which matches his appearance in the 2011 draft of :: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 :: (see below), which is also known as Previous 1.[7]

Shirt_Template_2011_white (2012)

Stitch on a DeviantArt t-shirt template.[8]

More sketches :D (2012-03-02)

A blue pen sketch of Stitch.[9]

Pixel Stitch (2012-05-06)

A pixel art version of Stitch.[10]

Stitch Pixel Animation (2012-05-06)

Stitch in an idle animation; animated version of Pixel Stitch (see above).[11]

Stitch Chibi (2012-07-29)

A chibi version of Stitch, with the rare sight of his wings out.[12]

Depth Demon Species Sheet and Open Adoptables (2012-09-07)

Stitch is shown as the animated example of how a depth demon's face works, and how their claws are retractable.[13]

Toxic love - animation (2012-09-09)

Stitch licks an angry Cari. In the image description, it is stated that Cari is immune to Stitch's venom as she is a demon.[14]

try again BI (2012-10-02)

A patterned background featuring a repeating sticker of Stitch.[15]

Give me pointssssss (2012-10-04)

Stitch begs for DeviantArt points at Halloween.[16]

Traditional Ultimate Sketch Dump :I (2012-12-06)

Stitch is seen in two OC collages, and in a pencil drawing on lined paper.[17]

Sti- wait WHAT (2013-02-27)

A photo-manipulation of Stitch.[18]

Gateway to Imagination - ID (2013-03-16)

Stitch is shown flopping out of a Wacom tablet.[19]

Stitch Doll :D (2013-04-28)

A digital image of Stitch, surrounded by images of his doll. The doll's ears are posable, and the tail is semi-posable.[20]

Stitch (2013-07-10)

A model sheet for a fur-less Stitch. An silhouette of where fur should be is still included.[21]

Stitch Model :D (2013-07-12)

Screenshots showing a 3D model of Stitch in Mudbox.[22]

MY HAM LEG (2013-07-24)

Stitch steps towards a ham leg and drools, but when Drake appears and hisses at him, he growls back at Drake before running off in shock at the appearance of Cari, Anubis and Plague.[23]

Did someone order a bunch of OC's ? (2013-08-25)

Stitch is included alongside Kip, Sola, Drake, Glitch, and Luna.[24]

Sneak peak (2013-10-04)

Stitch walking down a dungeon corridor. Preview of The Dungeon - 3D ANIMATION (see below).[25]

Sneak peak 002 (2013-10-04)

Stitch standing proudly and being a badass. Preview of The Dungeon - 3D ANIMATION (see below).[26]

The Dungeon - 3D ANIMATION (2013-10-09)

3D animation collaboration created in Maya that The-F0X made with Aegis Animations and alvis1997. Stitch goes on an adventure through a dungeon, to the tune of Europe - The Final Countdown, and discovers a vault of gold. He then sits on top of a closed treasure chest as the credits roll.[27][28]

:: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 :: (2013-12-24)

Stitch stands on the second shelf, looking up.[29]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Stitch as being a demon pet.[30]

66332024_590755491449619_6431562841127387136_n (2019-07-12)

Amber hugs onto an angry Stitch. Stitch was Amber's original meta name in her initial DnD campaign.[31]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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