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Nyah Has an Adventure character
Skye ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byDarien Brice Dickinson
Full nameSkyearie
SpeciesCat creature
  • Content creator
  • 19 (season 1)
  • 20 (season 2)
  • 31 (movie)

Skye (short for Skyearie) is a main character of the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure. Skye was created by Darien Brice Dickinson in 2012, as a mascot for his Know Your Meme IRC and Discord bot, SkyeKattr0n.

In the series, when Skye returns from a long overseas holiday and conveniently moves in next door to Arph, he introduces her to Nyah and Lone.

Character sheet


Skye's fur colour in her original design was red, so the name Skye is actually not a reference to her current sky-blue colour, but it was later retroactively made so. The "-arie" part at the end of her full name also alludes to the sky.

She had a natural birth in 1998 to cat creature parents, in Mount Victoria, New South Wales, Australia. Her mother died due to complications from her birth, and her father died from shock immediately after hearing the news of his wife's death, leading Skye to be adopted by human farmers. Skye's first words were "it hurts".

Skye later became ambidextrous, due to the cyborg limbs given to her after an accident which burnt down the farm she grew up on, and she has fancy handwriting.


File:Turnaround Skye.png
Turnaround sheet.

Skye's main appearance throughout the series is that of a cat creature, with cyborg enhancements.

Skye's fur colour is blue, with her extra metallic ear and limbs coloured to match her natural fur colour. Her add-on metallic tentacles are coloured to match her outfit.

Skye's hair is dark-blue, and she keeps it short. Her metallic ear contains a motherboard from the early-2000s which powers the RGB lights on the front of the ear, and also sends various data signals to her brain. Her organic ear is always droopy, partially due to being damaged, but mostly because of her internal depression from the incident which caused said damage. Her cyborg eyes are black, with the exception of white keyholes acting as her pupils. She has a regular cat's nose, and carnivorous teeth.

Her thin, cat-like tail is also dark-blue, and is half her body's height in length.

Health and Image

Skye thinks she has no need for exercise, as all four of her arms and legs were replaced with cyborg parts. Despite not exercising, her body maintains a fit and slim physique, but she won't tell anyone how she doesn't put on weight. Skye can move about gracefully if she lies down and lets her relatively new tentacles transport her around. These tentacles act faster than the more older technology found in her arms and legs, and they are especially useful in catching fast-moving inanimate objects. The tips of the tentacles can also switch themselves between different tools, such as screwdrivers or drills.

Skye becomes blind and immobile if the motherboard in her cyborg ear is not routing power to her cyborg eyes or limbs. She is still capable of speech in this state, and can thus alert others to help her out. Due to this motherboard sending mixed signals to her brain, Skye developed a type of multiple personality disorder, with the lights on the ear signalling which personality is currently the most in control.

Skye wears a dark-red, custom-made jumpsuit that allows her tentacles to freely move in and out, and has solar panels on the sides to charge the battery powering her cyborg parts. She wears white gloves to prevent her hands making any metallic sounds upon contact with hard surfaces, and also so that people shaking hands with her don't have to touch something cold. Skye can play the accordion and various string instruments. Her scent is that of a clean pet cat, with a hint of strawberries. She has permanent scars and burn-marks all over any part of her natural, non-cyborg skin (now mostly covered by fur).


Skye speaks at a normal pitch and volume, but will have the occasional outburst of loudness, depending on which of her personalities is in control or when she's reacting to something shocking. When laughing, she'll usually opt for a "Fufufu~".


Skye's IQ is high. She has good memory, but can become forgetful if the internal motherboard in her cyborg ear is faulty or out of power. Her temperament is choleric. Her learning style is physical. Her emotional stability fluctuates, depending on which of her personalities is currently the most in control.

Skye understands and interacts with others very well. Skye doesn't really understand her own self that well. Skye is good with written and spoken words. Skye works very well with logic, reason, numbers, and critical thinking. Skye's perception to sounds, music, tones, and rhythms is clear. Skye understands their natural surroundings not too well. Skye can create and visualize images in their mind’s eye very well. Skye can understand phenomena or questions beyond sensory data well.


Skye has a bad sense of hearing in her surviving ear, and a very good sense of hearing with her cyborg ear. Skye has a good sense of taste. Skye has an okay sense of smell. Skye has no sense of touch. Skye's eyesight depends on how much power her cyborg eyes are receiving. Skye has good intuition. Skye actively experiences synesthesia at most times due to the way her cyborg motherboard communicates with her brain.


Skye's allegiance is with the European medics, engineers, and scientists that saved her life and made her a cyborg. Skye has high political awareness.

Skye is not very polite. Skye's alignment is Neutral Evil. Skye is a pessimist. Skye's vices are Gluttony, Greed, and Wrath (3 of 7).


Skye's primary objective over the course of the series is to successfully complete a mission that was entrusted to her in her youth. When it comes to goals, she prioritizes harder stuff over easier stuff. She is not very motivated to get things done. She has high self-esteem.

Skye's hobbies include maintaining an online brand, dramatic acting, and toying with electronics.

Skye sometimes has an involuntary eye twitch when switching between her multiple personalities. Skye is tech-savvy.

She considers her online success as a major accomplishment. She is ashamed of the fact that she has to hide a dark secret from her closest friends. If an obituary was written about her, it would include the phrase "She's up in her namesake now".

Skye's earliest memory is waking up in a European hospital after the incident on the farm she grew up on (though she has pieced together some of what happened before this from other people's testimonies).

She is not very confident in her abilities. She has good creativity. She is not very generous. She is somewhat honest. She is not very loyal. She is somewhat patient. She is somewhat unpredictable. She is not very reliable. She is somewhat trustworthy.

Home, Work, and Education

Skye lives in a house in a suburb near Sydney, Australia. She has Australian citizenship, as well as citizenship in all European countries. She sleeps and wakes up at regular times, but also has a nap in the middle of the day.

Skye is unemployed, but earns money via live-streaming and as a freelance actress. She originally wanted to be a painter, but was shunned by the art community as they believed the computer in her cyborg enhancements gave her an advantage over other artists. Skye prefers to drive her own car to get around. Skye does not have a criminal record.

Skye does not have a Bachelors for Australian Creatures degree, but has an Honorary Associates Degree for Australian Creatures instead.


Skye's biological parents are unknown. She has no other known relatives, or children.

Skye's closest friends are Nyah, Lone, and Arph. She has a rivalry with her antiverse-counterpart Eyks.

Skye has a reputation among humans of being "the smart one" out of her group of friends. She does not co-operate well with others. She can hold a good conversation.


Skye's first love was Cago. She is bisexual. Beginning in the latter-half of season 2, Skye's love interest is officially Arph.

Story Information

Skye's home universe is the Primeverse. Skye is a main character.

The inspiration for Skye's current design was a character designed by Darien Brice Dickinson to represent his IRC and Discord bot, SkyeKattr0n.

Skye's theme song is Fanfare to the Adventure (Skye ver.).

Episodes of the main series with a primary focus on Skye include: Metro Material, Bad Weather, Skye's Nine Lives, Witty Episode Title, Nyah Has an Adventure, Act II, Two Little, Too Late, Hehe, Chronological Chronicles, Blah, Save the Date, Unlocked Android, and Exit: Nyah.

Other media with a primary focus on Skye include: Have a Very Nyah Holiday, and Nyah Has a Movie.



Skye's Myers-Briggs Personality Type is ISTP.



“What in the actual-- t-that’s disgusting!”

— Skye, after learning about Nyah's origins in S01E01



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