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Nyah Has an Adventure character
Sketch ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
  • 36 (season 1)
  • 37 (season 2)
  • 48 (movie)

Sketch is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Sketch appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as the King of Eastern Australia, husband of Kari, and father of Skeri.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Kari and Sketch (2010-02-05)

Sketch smiles with his eyes closed, next to Kari. In the image description, The-F0X notes that she didn't catch his personality or how she pictured him inside her head at all.[1]

MUAHAHAH (2010-02-10)

Sketch and Kari face away from each other in front of their symbols, and a yin-yang symbol. The image description says this image is intended to be a signature (or watermark) for The-F0X's "Yin to my Yang" collection.[2]

Teh Sketch. (2010-03-01)

Sketch in his dragon form.[3]

Groupies (2010-03-03)

Sketch sits with his tail wrapped around Kari's.[4]

Soaring With A legend (2010-03-08)

Sketch and Kari fly alongside the legendary Pokémon Lugia.[5]

Our Secret Place... (2010-03-18)

Sketch and Kari under the shade of some trees in a forest, with shards of light flickering down.[6]

Sketcheon (2010-03-19)

Sketch as the eeveelution Pokémon Umbreon. The image description notes his collar's charm is missing.[7]

Sketcheon and Kareon (2010-03-20)

Sketch and Kari as Umbreons, underwater with the Pokémon Luvdisk in-between them. This image was based on an idea by DeviantArt user CressLuna.[8]

Sketch Ref Sheet V.1 (2010-03-23)

Sketch is seen in his wolf form. He has blue shading on the tip of his ears, upper wing vertebrae, and tip of his tail. The rest of his wings are silver and white. The star mark on his flank is stated to have no colour. His fur is a mix between dark black and a lighter black, with white paws and blue paw pads. The charmed necklace (collar) he wears contains a mystical power given to him by Yang.

In the image description, his human form is stated to be 18 years old, and he can be any race (mostly wolf or human), with a type affiliation towards light/the sun.[9]

What We Are (2010-03-28)

Sketch looks up towards his symbol. He is in front of a white backdrop, unlike Kari, who is stated to be in front of a black backdrop because she is the "evil one".[10]

Chibi Hug (2010-04-05)

A chibi Sketch and Kari hug each other.[11]

Yin and Yang (2010-04-06)

In the image description, Sketch is stated to be Yang's reincarnation, and the spirit of sun. The sun crescent on Yang's horn is also said to be the same as the charm on Sketch's collar.[12]

Yin (2010-04-06)

In the image description, the wolf is stated to be Sketch's spirit animal.[13]

Kip. (2010-04-07)

In the image description, Kip is stated to be one of Sketch's creations. To make Kip, Sketch combined two of Kari's favourite things from when she was little: bubbles and water.[14]

OC Meme (2010-04-15)

Sketch is seen smiling in the character lineup. In hypothetical scenarios, he facepaws at a dinner with Rose and Kira, Cari (as Evil Kari) and Rose "bitch fight" over his love, decides to marry Mara while Kari cries, is ganged up on and dies, and also stares in silence at a berry tree.[15]

Kari Reference Sheet (2010-04-23)

Sketch is shown in the top right corner, with text saying Kari loves him for now and for all eternity. In the image description, it is stated that after Yin and Yang were dead for millions of years, they later chose to inhabit new bodies, Kari and Sketch. Sketch was born first, 17 years before Kari, an advantage to the dragons who took Sketch in to teach him his powers, train him, and when the time was right - kill his evil counterpart. When the dragons learnt of Kari's birth, they sent Sketch as an assassin, as after all, he is the only one who can kill her. After reaching the hospital, Sketch learnt of the death of Kari's mother due to complications of birthing Kari. At this point, he also knew well about the history of Kari's parents, knowing they were drug addicts and alcoholics.

Upon looking into Kari's crimson eyes, and not wanting to kill a baby, Sketch transferred some of his kind-hearted spirit into the monster - a very dangerous procedure. Kari cried for a bit, then re-opened her now crystal blue eyes, and began to laugh, fidget, and stare at him. Sketch gave Kari her name, and brought her back to the dragons for a "great judging". Rei, the kind-hearted, pure white spirit dragon who had roamed the earth from the dawn of time allowed Kari to stay, only if Sketch taught her to be good, kind, and how to keep her power under control. Kari's demon was still locked in her body though, and Sketch would find that while training her, it would sometimes bubble to the surface. These times were dangerous, though very rare, and the demon would control Kari, making her destroy and kill things.

At an early age, Kari had to move out of the home that Sketch gave her, to a home that would take her in. Sketch kept a close eye on her throughout this time, playing the role of a family pet in the home that took Kari in, as he was good at faking. But he couldn't fake his age, so he pretended that he (as the family pet) ran away so that he could assume a different role to watch over her. When Kari ran away from home herself, at the age of 6, two large dragons cornered her as they wanted the evil spirit of Yin to reign once more. Sketch as a large, deep blue-eyed black dragon fought them off as Kari ran. In the future, Kari met Sketch again, but did not recognize him. But then after time, she remembered and the two fell in love, forming an unbreakable bond.[16]

Haze -Adopting- (2010-04-28)

In the image description, Haze is stated to be Sketch's pet griffon. Used by Sketch to fly around, he always responds to Sketch's call. Haze was hatched by Sketch as a test by the dragons, and soon became Sketch's pet. Haze is only used when necessary, but is regularly seen by Sketch, who tends to him.[17]

My Angel, My Devil (2010-04-29)

Sketch sits sadly in front of ghostly images of Kari and Cari.[18]

.:Sunset:. (2010-05-08)

Sketch and Kari stare into each other's eyes as the sun goes down. The image description notes Sketch is bigger than Kari as he is a wolf, and she is a fox.[19]

Spirit Of The Sun (2010-05-11)

Sketch flies in front of a view of the sun. The image description labels him as the spirit of the sun and stars, but The-F0X couldn't add stars to this image.[20]

Spirit Of The Moon (2010-05-11)

The image description once again lists Sketch as the spirit of the sun.[21]

another Fail (2010-06-27)

This image of Kari sketches claims that Sketch died because The-F0X couldn't draw his hair. The image description says his hair and eyes could've taken over the world, and looked "retarded".[22]

.:Sketch:. (2010-06-27)

A chibi Sketch crossing his arms and looking towards the right.[23]

.:Sketch Dump:. (2010-10-21)

A sad Sketch asking why the paper he's drawn on is pink.

Sketch seen from behind.

Sketch nuzzling his snout against Kari's.

Sketch in kitchen chef attire, asking people to guess what he is.

A headshot of Sketch looking to the upper-right.

Sketch with his pack as they notice a squirrel.

Sketch looking down at Kari and Kip.

Sketch not amused, in the Powerpuff Girls art style.

Sketch, in the Powerpuff Girls art style, informing Luna and Lexi that they should behave or they won't be in the book for long.

Sketch laughing at Cari, in the Powerpuff Girls art style.

Sketch comforting a sad Kari.

Sketch facepalming.[24]

Sketch Animation (2010-11-07)

Sketch closes his eyes and smells a purple flower.[25]

EXD-002 -capture- (2010-11-17)

Sketch, with the help of Luna, ties a rope around EXD-002's snout in an attempt to capture him.[26]

-Sluuuurp- (2010-11-17)

EXD-002 lovingly licks Sketch's face and imagines a leg of ham. The image description describes Sketch's thoughts on this as "O.O wtfwtfwtfwtf?!?!?!".[27]

Sketch On Tablet (2010-12-25)

Sketch in front of a rainbow background.[28]

Animation-1 (2011)

Sketch and Kari in love, sitting on a cliff face and watching the moon and stars, as a comet streaks by.[29]

ref065 (2011)

Sketch smoking drugs, seeing a pink elephant. While high, he wraps his arm around Luna, calling her a "sweety". He also spreads sprinkles everywhere and passes out drooling. After waking up, he rubs his head and asks what happened last night.[30]

ref067 (2011)

Sketch crying after Cari cut off his tail to use it as her new scarf.[31]

Sketchblah-2 (2011)

Pixel art animation cycle of Sketch galloping forward.[32]


Animation of Sketch tilting his head and sticking his tongue out.[33]

:D omgyay? (2011-03-03)

Sketch with his arm around Kari, both in cute puppy dog forms.[34]

'Big Bad Wolf' (2011-03-06)

Sketch sticking his tongue out, with his shadow against the wall looking angry.[35]

The-F0X (2011-03-06)

Sketch appears on this version of The-F0X's DeviantArt ID.[36]

.:Commission Examples:. (2011-03-08)

Image showing a final, detailed piece of Sketch surrounded by fire, and the process behind the creation of it, plus normal and chibi versions of the piece.[37]

WIP :: SKETCH (2011-03-25)

Lineart version of .:Sacred Place:. (see below).[38]

.:Sacred Place:. (2011-03-26)

Sketch in a sparkling rock pool, hidden behind some bushes.[39]

.:Day and Night:. (2011-04-05)

A headshot of Sketch, above the sun.[40]

SKETCH DUMP2 LOL (2011-04-25)

Sketch sings The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, with his pack.[41]

.:Flying High:. (2011-04-27)

Sketch flying in front of sun and cloud set pieces held in place by string.[42]

SKETCH RUN CYCLE (2011-04-29)

Another pixel art animation cycle of Sketch galloping forward[43]

.:Sketch Animation:. (2011-05-20)

Sketch's ear twitching, eyes blinking, and tail wagging.[44]

.:Luna Kari Sketch Dump:. (2011-05-26)

A human Kari wrapping her arms around a feral Sketch.

A human Kari wrapping her arms around a human Sketch.

A feral Kari and a feral Sketch sitting next to each other.[45]

.:Fire:. (2011-05-31)

The image description mentions Sketch's main element is water.[46]


Sketch speaks in Spanish. When questioned as to why by Kari, he tells her that Luna gave him $100 to speak Spanish. Kari then informs him that Luna took that money from his wallet, and Sketch swears in Spanish.[47]

ATTACK OF THE OCs :DUMP: (2011-06-20)

Sketch is shown in his human and feral forms. One sketch of human Sketch has him lying down, covered in blood, and "HELP" written on the wall in his blood.[48]

.:RPian Refs:. (2011-06-26)

Sketch holds his paw against Kari's paw. It is stated that he loves her. His list of nicknames includes: Sketchy, Hippie, Batman, Superhero, Lollipop, Looooaaadddeeed, Girl, Cradle-Snatcher, Worm Whisperer, and Speedu[sic] Gonzalez. His powers include: Water-bending, Earth-bending, control of fauna, light, healing, and shape-shifting.

The image description notes that some of his nicknames are guaranteed to be missing. Sketch's age is listed as "18 (or so it seems)". A parental figure of the house, Sketch plays a nice guy act, often giving people what they want. He doesn't have hate towards anyone in the house, but more than one person has love towards him - including Kari and Luna. This is one of the reasons Kari has hate for Luna. It's not like Luna has a chance, but she can be quite persistent. Sketch's love for animals also proves quite an obstacle for him, but there's been "no casualties... yet". Lexi's personality is also said to clash against Sketch, with her always coming off as second best when compared to him.[49]

.:Kissy Comic:. (2011-06-28)

Sketch at a fair, eating caramel popcorn on a bench next to Kari, asks Luna how her plan went. He also nervously chuckles as Lexi rages at Luna. He then invites everyone to come watch the fireworks, and everyone follows behind him.[50]

.:Fairytale:. (2011-07-21)

Sketch stands in front of, and holds onto, Kari as she sits on a swing hanging from a tree.[51]

:Cari:.:Luna:.:Kari:.:Sketch: (2011-07-23)

Sketch with his mouth open below his symbol.[52]

Sketch WIP (2011-07-23)

Sketch standing with one paw held up; lineart made for .:Sketch Ref 2.0:. (see below).[53]

.:Sketch Ref 2.0:. (2011-07-23)

Sketch standing with one paw held up, and an image of his 18 year old human form as drawn by DeviantArt user MIDOxRI. It is stated that he loves Kari, and his powers include Water-bending, Earth-bending, healing, control of fauna, and the ability to shapeshift.[54]

Choose one - Sketch x..:: (2011-08-08)

Various sketches of Sketch being shipped. Luna claims to Sketch that she is totally what Kari and his offspring would look like, and Sketch tells her to shut up. There is then an image that ships them together, two Kari x Sketch images, a Sketch x Fleas image (where he's just scratching), and finally a Sketch x Cari image (where she drags him towards her, against his will).

In the image description, Sketch is stated to be four years older than Luna, so The-F0X claims their relationship would probably not work, and that a girl can dream. Sketch x Cari is also sarcastically said to seemingly be going well.[55]

:at least a year: (2011-08-18)

Sketch from behind, looking back.[56]

.:-::Ignite::-:. (2011-09-02)

Sketch in the dark, surrounded by sparkles and a mist/smoke, with his collar charm glowing.[57]

Where'd that rabbit go? (2011-09-05)

Sketch scrummages through his top hat, with a bunny rabbit on his head.[58]

Doodle day. (2011-09-12)

Sketch standing proudly on a muddy field of grass.[59]

Yet another sketch dump (2011-09-14)

Sketch sticking his tongue out and saying "Bleh" at his "evil" counterpart, who says "Whut?". The image description says Draw isn't really evil, he's just a very quiet version of Sketch with red eyes.

A red-tinted drawing of Sketch above the waist.

Sketch water-bending next a fire-bending Kari.[60]

Ow my sensitive little bottom (2011-09-16)

Sketch, after falling down. The title is a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.[61]

Omg what have i done... PONIES (2011-09-25)

Sketch as a alicorn in something similar to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic art style. His cutie mark is his sun/stars charm.[62]

.:My Fluffy...:. (2011-09-28)

Sketch sleeping, his head resting on Kari's side, as she remains awake. The image description features a quote of Sketch lovingly calling Kari his pillow, and Kari lovingly calling Sketch her blanket.[63]

LEG IT (2011-09-28)

Luna jumps onto Sketch's head to escape a mad Cari. Sketch swears at Luna for this.[64]

.:Sketch Headshot:. (2011-09-29)

Sketch in front of a background featuring his charm and random blue symbols.[65]

+ Anything for you, my love + (2011-10-03)

Kari pushing her head up against the bottom of Sketch's snout.[66]

Iscribble.... scribbles XD (2011-10-06)

Sketch claims something is very big, and Kari doesn't believe him. He is also compared to a "Batman", but not the popular one.[67]

Costume ideas... (2011-10-07)

Sketch saying hello in Spanish again. His Halloween costume includes a top hat, cape, a wand (for his human form), and body paint turning his flank symbol into a dove. The image description says another possible outfit for Sketch could've been an alien design, instead of a magician look.[68]

:: Magic Trick :: (2011-10-08)

Sketch releases a dove into the air during a stage magic show. The image description states that the dove was given to Sketch for his birthday.[69]

:: Stereo Hearts :: (2011-10-08)

Sketch against a trippy background. Lyrics to the song Stereo Hearts (ft. Adam Levine) by Gym Class Heroes come out of a speech bubble from his heart.[70]

:And twist, and twist: ANIMATE (2011-10-16)

Sketch twists his head around and blinks.[71]

Well i think its cute :P (2011-10-23)

Sketch sleeps sitting down while Cari and Kari sleep against him.[72]

SketchitySketchy (2011-10-26)

Sketch with a paper texture applied on top of the drawing.[73]

:: Sketch Lineart :: (2011-10-27)

Lineart of Sketch flying upwards.[74]

'Sketch' (2011-10-27)

Sketch in front of a green, sketchy background, surrounded by hearts.[75]

Doggy-Back Ride (2011-11-02)

Kari on Sketch's back. He asks if she can walk herself, and she replies "Nope~". The image description says that Kari can be so lazy sometimes, and that Sketch just can't say no to her foxy-eyes.[76]

:: OC PARTAY :: (2011-11-08)

Sketch is seen slightly floating, with his arms raised.[77]

:: Comic Page Test :: (2011-11-11)

When Sketch has a stare-off at the start of an epic battle against Cari, Luna lovingly pounces at him out of nowhere, causing him to shout in surprise. The image description says that Sketch looking happy (or about to eat Luna) in the frame where he shouts is not intended.[78]

HOW TO KILL SKETCH (2011-12-07)

Sketch is the subject of this image where Luna and Kari think of ways to kill him. Luna wants to hammer or drown him, but Lexi doesn't want him to die in peace. Lexi suggests smothering him, to which Luna suggests to choke him. Luna then wants to kill Kari first, and then Lexi agrees to take out Kiarie and Ember too. The final plan then starts with them finding Kip, knocking out Kiarie and Ember with a sledgehammer, and luring Kari away from Sketch and killing her. Lexi then makes the point that Sketch will probably just die of grief once Kari is dead.

The image description reveals that Luna and Lexi already got their hands on Kip so that phase one can go as planned. The reason they wanted to kill Sketch in the first place is because he threw Luna off a bridge and saved Lexi (because she is the "better child"), and so Luna and Lexi had to devise an evil payback master-plan.[79]

Sketch's inner child was brutally murdered today.. (2011-12-09)

DeviantArt user Sethyuikora suggested to kill Sketch's inner child first before killing Sketch. Sethyuikora's character Sethy is then seen popping a balloon held by Sketch's inner child. Sketch's inner child says "Nyah?" in surprise, then whimpers and trembles, before wailing and crying. Text below the comic then states that Little Sketch cried until he ran out of oxygen and suffocated, and Sethy lived on to "troll another day".

In the image description, a quote from Sethyuikora goes on to say that there'd also be torture involved, then pain that isn't quite torture, then more torture, then a pretense of freedom to give Sketch a shred of hope, only to then not let him go, and finally he'd be locked in an inescapable room where he would starve to death as Sethy would watch a live camera feed of Kari grieving.[80]

.: Whatever you are... :. (2011-12-11)

In the image description, Kip was said to have run away from Sketch to find a bite to eat.[81]

.: Colour My World :. (2011-12-16)

Sketch flying with Kari. He spreads blue colours around, while she spreads pink and purple colours.[82]

Sketch used-... erm... what is that?? XD (2011-12-19)

Pixel art animation of Sketch bracing and firing off his "Light Aura" move.[83]

:: Bounce -Animation- :: (2011-12-22)

Sketch, along with Luna, Lexi, and Riley are seen bouncing into frame in a Christmas-themed hallway with a photo of Kip on the wall.[84]

+ Two Hearts + (2011-12-30)

Sketch sitting against the tree where "K+S" has been carved into the bark, with Kari's head against his chest. The John Keats quote "Two souls with but a single thought... two hearts that beat as one..." is displayed.[85]

Iscribble Dump (2011-12-30)

Sketch pulling off a hero landing.[86]

Test2 (2012)

A tiny image of Sketch being happy.[87]

OC Building meme : Kari (2012-01-10)

Sketch is shown as Kari's favourite possession/object. He nervously says "hey" and waves.[88]

She loves us :'D (2012-01-10)

Sketch says "So cool!" upon seeing fanart of himself drawn by DeviantArt user WhiteAndGold's character Whitewind.[89]

.: Massive OC Run Cycle :. (2012-01-11)

Animated run cycle of Sketch and his pack. The image description lists his age as "no idea in wolf years" and "full grown", and he is ranked as the alpha. Silver is ranked as the alpha when Sketch is away. Kuro is ranked as a second alpha when Sketch is away.[90]

:: Our Secret Place :: (2012-01-14)

Remake of Our Secret Place... (see above).[91]

Random Scribblies CB (2012-02-07)

Luna nuzzles up to Sketch, saying that she loves him. Sketch laughs and tells her to get off.[92]

Class doodles (2012-02-21)

Various doodles, including: Two stick-figure Sketchs, Sketch getting his tail chomped, and a mini-comic of Kari and Cari falling asleep on him.[93]


Sketch in shock, saying "What?", as Cari randomly pounces from above.[94]

Sketch Lineart (2012-02-27)

Lineart similar to 2011's :: Sketch Lineart :: (see above).[95]

More sketches :D (2012-03-02)

More chibi doodles, including: Sketch with light-blue bubbles and squiggly lines, Sketch complimenting a mustache on Kari's face, Sketch studying Kari intensely, and Cari nomming on Sketch's head (with him asking if there's something on his head).[96]

Struck by a freight train (2012-03-04)

Sketch attempts to sing Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, but he is interrupted at the "You've been struck by-" part by Cari ending the lyric with "a freight train". Sketch replies "You wish." and Cari says "Don't I ever?".[97]

OC Lava soup (2012-03-13)

Sketch and Cari are hanging on a rope over a bowl of lava. He tells her that she's too fat, so she should let go off the rope. She replies that he's a dick.[98]

A Little Sleepy... (2012-03-31)

Sketch sleeping next to Kari, on their bellies.[99]

: Royally Pissed : (2012-04-09)

Sketch angry as the rain pours during a thunderstorm.[100]

: Monochrome Madness : (2012-04-13)

Sketch winking, with his open eye slightly glowing.[101]

:.BLOOD.: (2012-04-22)

Cari splashes around in a red liquid, assuming it's blood. Kari asks Sketch if they should tell her it's just red paint, and Sketch replies "Nah.".[102]

Sketch Icon (2012-04-23)

Pixel art animation, where Sketch uses telekinesis to make rocks emerge from the ground. The image description claims this action is not earth-bending, but that he can also do that. It also states he's the only one, besides Luna, who can use telekinesis.[103]

Sketch.Slideshow (2012-04-26)

Sketch in front of a slideshow, bordered with his symbol, of various art/fanart of him.[104]

Roll Over. (2012-04-30)

Cari commands WhiteAndGold's character Whitewind to roll over. This causes her to flop towards (and nearly flatten) Sketch, who begins to shout "no" at her at increasingly different volumes, also telling her to heel.[105]

Iscribble sketch dump 2 (2012-05-20)

A headshot of Sketch, with a couple of hearts.[106]

A bunch of benders (2012-05-30)

Sketch bending water with his water-bending powers.[107]

A Flight Fight animation :D (2012-07-04)

Sketch chases and pushes Cari against a wall during a fight, but he is blasted away by her when she uses an energy beam.[108]

Rainforest Run :: ANIMATION (2012-07-31)

Sketch leaps on, pauses, then leaps off a tree branch in a rainforest.[109]

: Where are you all going? : (2012-08-11)

Doves flying away from Sketch, as he scared them off.[110]

Zombies and Tapeworms : Sketchdump (2012-09-01)

Sketch as a zombie.[111]

: Race Ya! : (2012-09-12)

Sketch happily racing against Kari.[112]

Kissies (2012-09-21)

Sketch getting licked on the nose by Kari.[113]

Boop (2012-10-10)

Sketch hanging out with Kari and Kip.[114]

Schnuggles (2012-10-11)

Kari animated to snuggle under Sketch's snout, a pose similar to the one in + Anything for you, my love + (see above).[115]

Sketch dump of D00M (2012-10-31)

Kari standing on top of Sketch, who is lying on his back.

Sketch in the air, with lots of rays from the sun.

Sketch fighting against Cari.

Sketch surrounded by the dragons Rei, Yin, and Yang.

Sketch growling.[116]

Fake Gameshot: Sketch and Kari (2012-11-03)

In this fake visual novel game screenshot, Sketch asks how he and Kari can help, with Kari smiling behind him. The options to talk to either Sketch or Kari are available.[117]

: Park Bench : (2012-11-18)

Kari, Luna (with a dove on her head), and Sketch sit on a bench. Sketch appears to be nervously laughing. The image description quotes Sketch as saying "Aheh... I um... wouldn't trust her..." in reply to Luna asking if the bird will poop on her.[118]

Traditional Ultimate Sketch Dump :I (2012-12-06)

Sketch riding Haze, looking back towards Kari riding Jay.

Sketch shivering in winter.

Sketch sitting on the grass at school.

Sketch as a magician, sitting in mid-air, holding a dove.

Feral wolf form Sketch standing next to human Kari.

Sketch covered in butterflies.

Sketch sitting next to Kari, in front of a tree, with leaves falling down.

Sketch as a magician, multiple doves flying from him.

Magic emitting from Sketch's charm.

Sketch surrounded by blue swirls, racing against Cari.

Sketch looking like a cat.

Sketch flying, and also with a derp-like expression, next to a dove and a crow.

Sketch in an un-finished OC collage.

Sketch licking Kari's nose.

Sketch surrounded by a blue and pink outline, looking down at Kari.

Sketch surrounded by a pink outline, facing up towards the sky.

Sketch resting his head against Kari's in one half of a love heart.

Sketch surrounded by a blue outline, sitting.

Sketch flying under a yin-yang symbol.

Sketch blushing as he gets licked by Kari.

Sketch licking Kari on the cheek.

Sketch spreading his wings out.

Human Sketch walking towards Kari.

The first ever drawings of Sketch.

Sketch going "FFFF-".

Sketch from behind asking "Who?".

Sketch shouting "From da sex-to-da-E!"

Sketch shooting a water energy beam towards Cari, who blocks it with a shield.

Chibi Sketch in an OC collage.

Sketch shivering in the cold.[119]

If the sun and moon were to have a baby (2013-01-03)

In the image description, Sketch is listed as Skeri's father.[120]

DUCK (2013-01-12)

Sketch shouts "Duck!", and everyone ducks besides Luna, who is hit with many flying bats.[121]

Journal Skin (2013-01-16)

Sketch appears on this version of The-F0X's DeviantArt journal skin, on the button for "Commission Prices".[122]

Human Headshots (2013-01-18)

A headshot of Sketch with a big smile.[123]

Baking soda x Vinegar (2013-01-22)

The image description mentions Sketch and Kari left Lexi, Luna, and co. alone in their house.[124]

: I'll Keep You Warm : (2013-03-11)

Sketch wraps his wing around Kari, as she snuggles up next to him. He watches the rain and lightning outside the cave they're in.[125]

Gateway to Imagination - ID (2013-03-16)

Sketch is shown leaping out of a Wacom tablet.[126][127]

Just flyin around (2013-04-03)

Sketch flying around.[128]

Sketch.Slideshow (2013-04-04)

Updated version of 2012's Sketch.Slideshow (see above).[129]

Schoolies 8D (2013-04-09)

Sketch is shown grouped with the "smarties", and not "the other guys". He is seen on a walk with Cari and Kari, seemingly surprised at what Cari is saying. He is also shown seated next to Kiarie, as he points something out to her on a piece of paper. The image description says Kari, Cari, and Sketch have classes together because they're all bloody geniuses and that is partly due to the fact that he is actually like "35 years old or something". The-F0X said she'd never tell, but [that's his age].[130]

Human Characters + Winter Clothes c: (2013-05-29)

Sketch in his winter clothes says that he's still freezing. In the image description, Kari is listed as his "wifey", and he is also listed as 19 years old or "whatever age he really is" and "shivering like a little girl".[131]

: Sun : (2013-06-17)

Remake of Sketch's image in :Cari:.:Luna:.:Kari:.:Sketch: (see above).[132]

Oh hey Car-- WHY. (2013-06-17)

Based on a scene from a movie, Cari pushes Kari off a stair railing, and Sketch says "OMFG WHY." at this action.[133]

Shopping Feat. Ember and Kiarie (2013-07-12)

Sketch says that he guesses all the girls are going shopping together, implying Riley is a girl - much to his surprise.[134]


Kari attempts to feed Sketch, but he stretches his neck to avoid the spoon she shoves towards him.[135]

Cari N Sketch because they're cool (2013-07-13)

Sketch attempts to fly away from Cari, who wants his soul.

Cari repeatedly slaps Sketch on the head as she flies over him. He is just mildly annoyed at this.

Cari hisses at Sketch to get off her tail, which he is accidentally sitting on.

Sketch heals Cari's bleeding hand with magic, asking if she feels better.

Cari swipes her healed hand away from Sketch, calling him a jackass. He just says "You're welcome, bitch".

Sketch growls at a sad Cari, asking what her deal is.

Cari stands on top of Sketch, telling him to say "Uncle", which he does twice (in pain).

Cari calls Sketch cute when he's mad, and he calls her infuriating.

Sketch waves a piece of candy over Cari's head, and she leaps up and eats his entire hand.

In the image description, The-F0X claims Cari and Sketch are really cute together. Sketch is said to hate Cari, but is gentle with her, and she's like "wtfgtfo". The wounds in the image of Sketch healing Cari's wounds are from when she broke it on some glass.[136]

Radioactive (2013-07-14)

Sketch stands menacingly in front of a waving red flag. The title is a reference to the Imagine Dragons song of the same name.[137]

: Time Stands Still : (2013-07-18)

Kari and Sketch stare at each other on a grassy plain surrounded by mountains.[138]

OC Anime opening? (2013-08-11)

Sketch bends water and earth in front of a background of clouds.[139]

FAKERSSSS (2013-08-27)

Cari splashes around in fake blood near and under Sketch, as he tells her to go away, questions why, and informs her that he's trying to pose in the fake blood on the ground.[140]

:Fairytale: (2013-09-13)

Remake of 2011's .:Fairytale:. (see above).[141]

Human Sketch Dump (2013-10-15)

Four Sketch sketches: two human, two feral wolf. One of the human sketches shows him on a winter-y walk with Kari.

Thirty-two human Sketch sketches. Among the poses with text: He hopes you like looking at him constantly, asks if the poses are running out, asks to be drawn like a French girl, sobs over water-bending being "such a girly power", hugs a can of Coca-Cola, says he is "the sex", flips a pancake, asks how Kip got on his head, gets tackled by Kip, poses fabulously, slides down, does some water-bending, shouts to "draw all the Sketch", complains the pen is running out, and states that is probably because of all the black.

Sketch tells a dove on his head to not make a habit out of making his hair a nest.

Sketch in a chibi OC collage.[142]

What does the fox say? (2013-10-16)

Sketch comes bounding in to ask a question, as Luna trembles, horrified from hearing too many references to Ylvis' comedy song "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)". The image description states that Sketch doesn't know what he's about to get himself into.[143]

What does the fox say? pt.2 (2013-10-16)

Sketch leaps into frame to ask Cari and Kari the question in this image's title. Cari's irises go small, and Kari goes wide eyed. Kari begins angrily slapping Sketch and throws him onto the ground, where Cari bites his neck, causing him to bleed.[144]

: What Lies Beneath : (2013-10-29)

Sketch and Cari fight during a thunderstorm, both bleeding, and with eyes glowing. The title of the image is a reference to the Breaking Benjamin song "What Lies Beneath".[145]

OC Spectrum Meme (2013-10-29)

On the spectrums of this meme, Sketch is male, is built more than Luna, is taller than Luna, is right-handed, has superhuman strength, is a learned genius, is extremely clever, never attended school, is a very social butterfly, is very perceptive, can be read like an open book, is extroverted, appears mostly masculine (but sometimes feminine), is heterosexual, is extremely romantic, likes to snuggle, is kind in both outward and inward dispositions, not petty at all, completely sane, extremely friendly, less stoic than Cari, less graceful than Kari, a near-complete pushover, stupidly courageous, doggedly loyal, a stickler for the rules (except when driving), and is extremely optimistic.[146]

: Pretty Bird : (2013-11-11)

Sketch greets Cari by calling her a "little lady". She replies that this is a derogatory term as she is a demon and royalty that was born of pain, death, flames, etc. Sketch asks "like a phoenix?", and Cari goes derp-eyed while Sketch asks "who's a pretty bird?". In the image description, it says Sketch always pokes fun at Cari and her demonic rants.[147]

:: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 :: (2013-12-24)

Sketch flies around the top of the tree to touch his symbol which is used as the tree topper.[148]

Sketch dump of angels and demons :D (2014-01-12)

Sketch acts like a derp behind Luna.

Sketch's head rests in Kari's lap as he reads a book.

Kari hugs onto Sketch.

Kari kisses Sketch as they sit on a bench.

Sketch holds Kari in the air.

Sketch embraces Kari as they sit on the ground.

Sketch kisses Kari on the forehead.

Sketch from behind as he and Kari hold hands, while she looks behind him.

Sketch takes Cari's candy stash, telling her it's unhealthy to have that much. She breaks down and calls him a monster and Sketch goes to check if she's alright.

Sketch bakes Cari a pie, but because he touched it, she drops it on the ground.

Sketch yells at Cari to get out of a tall tree, and she responds "make me, dog-breath!"

Cari tries to climb over Sketch to get candy, but Sketch wants her to go around.

Cari calls a bunch of candy her precious, and Sketch is just like "whatever".

Sketch says "hey" as Luna welcomes Angel and Demi into The-F0X's OC family.

Sketch tells Cari that The-F0X will replace her with Demi. When Cari sees Demi's friend, Angel, she then laughs about The-F0X replacing Sketch with Angel, and Sketch is a bit panicked about this. A complimentary sketch of Luna's head informs the viewer that Cari x Sketch will never stop being a thing.

Sketch and Cari are bickering with each other until Luna pokes her head out a bush, calling them cute together. Cari stomps Luna's head to the ground, and Sketch looks concerned for Luna.

Unfinished art of Kari and Sketch facing each other in a field of flowers. Sketch with a top hat, mustache, and monocle added onto him says "M'lady", and Kari tells him to kill himself.

The image description says Cari x Sketch shipping is "not ok to do in any way", but The-F0X can't stop doing it.[149]

No Homo (2014-02-08)

Sketch tells Ruin that he likes his tail, and asks if he can touch it. Ruin looks worried, so Sketch says "No homo!", and then Ruin allows Sketch to touch his tail, which Sketch does while squeeing.[150]

1781139_10201152829532249_34278524_o (2014-03-09)

Sketch holds one of Kari's hands and has his other arm around her back as they stare into each other's eyes.[151]

COME AT ME, BRO (animation) (2014-03-09)

Ruin charges at Sketch, who quickly jumps out of the way but is slashed in the eye. Sketch stumbles back and uses his earth-bending powers to fire rocks at Ruin, but they all miss. Ruin then engulfs Sketch and everything in his shadow tail. The image description states this fight is due a misunderstanding between Sketch and Ruin's intentions.[152]

Kiss me, Ketut (2014-03-10)

Sketch and Kari about to kiss each other, while standing.[153]

Last one for tonight (2014-03-10)

Sketch and Kari kissing each other, while sitting.[154]

: Afternoon Tea : (2014-05-22)

Sketch and Kari laughing together at a coffee shop.[155]

The Next Generation (2014-05-25)

Sketch is listed in the image description as the kind of immortal who doesn't age, and as part of house Celeste. It is said that his daughter Skeri likes to test her parents' patience, so that includes him.[156]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 1 (2014-08-28)

Sketch, in Kitty's mouth, tells Carin to explain that he is not an intruder. Carin yells at Kitty to put her uncle down.[157]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 2 (2014-08-28)

While sipping tea, Kari hears a scratching and tapping noise and asks Sketch if he can hear it. Sketch asks if someone's at the door, and then three loud booms ring out. The vibrations of the booms spill his tea.[158]

11018863_10203244135973603_8306976729954789756_n (2015-03-22)

Sketch stands, one hand in his coat pocket and a bird on his head.[159]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

Sketch is surprised, in an alternate colour palette.

Sketch sits at a table in the Celeste house. He asks Skeri if there's something she should be saying about her report cards. When Skeri admits that she received a D, Sketch responds "That's... too bad?". He then hears Skeri recap Carin's joke about his wife, and blushes in embarrassment.[160]

Fated Union (2015-07-21)

Sketch dances with Kari, both in formal attire.[161]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

The page for Skeri lists Sketch as one of her parents.[162]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-20)

Sketch (age 38, born 24 August 1977), is a demispirit, also known by his nicknames Fleabag and Dogbreath (by Cari), and also: Loaded, Speedy Gonzales, Fiancé, Batman, Superhero, Lollipop, Billionaire, Worm Whisperer, Hippie, etc. His sexual orientation is heterosexual, and he is married to Kari. His height is 6'0, and his body type is fit. In combat, his weapon is magic, he has a ranged/close combat/defensive fighting style, he has the ability to control fauna, plus water-bending, and earth-bending powers. He also has large wings for flight.[163]

The page for Sketch (AU) repeats the above information, with the exception of adding 100 years to Sketch's age, and listing Skeri as his offspring.[164]

The page for Kari lists "Love" as a nickname given to her by Sketch, and that she is married to him, making her the Queen of Celeste House.[165]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Sketch and Kari hug each other, Kari has one of her legs raised.

Sketch higher than a sitting Kari, facing down towards her with his eyes closed.[166]

Another train doodle (2015-10-28)

Sketch sits, Kari puts her hand on his body, while he has his hand on her neck.[167]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Sketch as part of Celeste house in the AU, and as a guardian in the RU.[168]

Hey there buddy (2016-01-17)

In this video using audio from a joke fan dub of Sans from Undertale, Sketch appears angry, then gets even madder at Carin's appearance and speech.[169]

Character Sketches (2016-02-02)

Sketch has both hands in his coat pockets, sticking his lips out as if he's whistling.[170]

Princess With A Paper Crown (2016-02-12)

Sketch and his family, all with golden crowns, appear above Poet who has a paper crown.[171]

'Discovery Channel' (2016-04-02)

Sketch, shirtless, on top of Kari in bed.[172]

13064714_10205515311271566_5604179060806099291_o (2016-05-23)

Kari, on top of Sketch in bed. Both are clothed.[173]

2C with Sketch and Kari (2017-01-08)

Sketch and Kari smiling as their noses touch, as suggested by Tumblr user mind-malfunction.[174]

The-F0X Wikia (2017-02-09)

The page for Kari (AU) repeats the same information from her RU page that Sketch is married to her, but now does not mention that he gave her the nickname "Love".[175]

29133574_10210162567810075_8015543661745930240_n (2018)

Sketch, holding Kari's hand; both wave their free hand.[176]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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