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The-F0X character
Ruca ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Additional design by
  • Lexi-Cat
  • Muddison
  • 18 (season 1)
  • 19 (season 2)
  • 30 (movie)

Ruca is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, with additional help from Lexi-Cat. Certain elements of his design can also be attributed to Muddison due to the character being an offspring of Ruin. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Ruca appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as the son of King Ruin and Queen Cari, making him a prince of Western Australia, and Carin's brother. Unlike his sister, he doesn't have a job, preferring to just get by using his royal family's reputation and funds. Some say Ruca created his pet, Janus, but he denies this. Ruca is one of the few that knows Kitty is a parasite, and because parasites are illegal and must be "terminated on sight", he wants to destroy Kitty. He is usually held back from doing this though, as that would upset his sister.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Royal Children (2014-02-11)

Ruca is seen lounging next to Carin, standing, as a headshot, and sitting. The image description blames Lexi-Cat for these characters, but much to Lexi's disapproval, it is stated these characters do not technically exist as they won't be used anytime soon. Unlike his father Ruin, who has yellow shadow magic, what would be yellow in the shadows on Ruin is red on Ruca. Ruca also has a different glow, and can shape-shift his shadows into things. His shadows also form bat/bird wings like those on his mother, Cari.[1]

The Next Generation (2014-05-25)

Ruca is shown standing in his human form, pointing a thumb behind him, and part of house Abaddon - a kind of surname for his family. The royal children characters were made canon, and drawn fairly older at around 18 years of age because The-F0X hates drawing kids and kids in general. Rather than being chucked into the fragile and working system of OC storylines, these characters were added to a brand new alternate universe (AU). The characters are stated to be really fun to work with. As their parents are kind of immortal, in that they don't age, this AU is 100 years or so in the future from where the main storyline is. The characters will be drawn at various stages of their lives. House Abaddon, which means ruin, destruction, or dwelling place of the dead is the ruling empire of the demon/shadow realms. Carin and Ruca are non-identical twins.

Ruca is a rowdy and obnoxious guy. He'll often be into mischief, and a lot of the time, his cousin Skeri will be right beside him. However, Ruca sometimes has a tendency to take things to a level not even his cheeky cousin would dare venture. Not always with good intentions does Ruca find his fun. Although he's the more devilish of the two Abaddon siblings, Ruca will not fail to obey his parent's commands, while they're looking. Although he possesses some magical abilities, Ruca is primarily a physical fighter. Skeri spent a lot of time with him and Carin growing up, and Skeri is usually the one to stop Ruca from going too far. When it comes to it, Ruca is more than happy to help Skeri break her parent's rules.[2]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 1 (2014-08-28)

Ruca is seen with his sister and cousin in a parallel universe. He is in a sort-of anthro form, having his fox form head and all, but with a humanoid body. He asks Skeri is she has any idea where they are, then complains to Carin that they're going to die out there.

Ruca is shown menacingly on a tree branch above Skeri, holding three water balloons with his shadow magic.

Ruca is seen trying to rope Skeri into one of his plans.

Ruca is shown chowing down on two chicken drumsticks, one in each hand, while Carin thinks this is gross.

Ruca and Carin are swordfighting, and Ruca compares her skills to that of a newborn. Telling her to hold a position, she fails, with Ruca's sword slashing her on the cheek. With Carin trembling and crying, Kitty in his larger form appears, and attempts to squash Ruca. Ruca narrowly dodges, and flings daggers at Kitty, ripping some holes in him. Boasting that he cheated, Ruca then charges forward with a sword, and is stopped when Carin's shadow magic wraps around him and tightens. Shouting at Carin to stop, and calling his parents, he is ignored by all three of them.

A younger Ruca legs it with Janus, who is carrying Kitty in his smaller form in her mouth. Chased by Carin, she soon gives up, but is nudged by Drake. Carin then rides Drake to leap onto both Ruca and Janus.

While Carin and Ruca are slapping each other, Cari uses her horned crown to stab Ruca in the back. When Ruca says "but", Cari replies "no buts" and stabs him again.[3]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 2 (2014-08-28)

Ruca sticks his tongue out while forming one of his shadow magic daggers. Janus stands on his shoulders.

Ruca starts reading again, which turns Carin into a mouse. He pokes her belly and calls her pudgy, saying that evil runs in the family, when Carin shouts at him.

While walking with his cousins, Ruca notes that he overheard his parents speaking of Fetch and Katherine's family during business, and that they're nothing amazing. When Carin bumps into Fetch, he says that Carin should have Fetch executed, causing Skeri to shout his name. As Fetch and Katherine leave, Ruca calls them posers, then gets angry at Skeri implying demons aren't hot.

When Katherine's face gets clawed at by birds, Ruca winks towards her and points finger guns, telling her that what she did with her face is a definite improvement.[4]

: The Demon Prince : (2014-09-23)

Ruca is seen flying in the sky. A quote in the image description reads "Kneel, peasants~". The image description also refers to him as the "biggest asshole you will ever meet, guaranteed", blaming his parents.[5]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

Ruca is shown in front of a fire, nervously sweating (and possibly trying to explain the fire), in an alternate colour palette.

He also looks annoyed and embarrassed after the combat team ran through the school in little more than their jocks.

At a table in the Celeste house, he asks Skeri why she looks stressed, before realizing their parents want to know about their report cards. After trying to brush the topic aside, he admits he failed 3 classes. Carin notes that he wasn't the only one to fail, implicating Skeri. Ruca notes this was cruel even for HIS standards. When Skeri recaps a mom joke that she heard Carin tell, Ruca smiles widely.[6]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

Ruca, age 18 (born 8 November 2097), is a high/illusion demon mix. His sexual orientation is heterosexual, his status is single, and he is currently not in a relationship. His height is 5'3, he has a fit/semi-muscular build, black hair, and red eyes. His parents are Cari and Ruin, his sibling is Carin, and his pet is Janus. In combat, he conjures weapons and has a hard-hitting/melee style. He has the ability to store/summon items and weapons, and can also summon wings for flight. Additionally, he can teleport.[7]

The page for Carin lists Ruca as her sibling.[8]

The page for Katherine lists "Kit-Kat" and "Kitten" as nicknames that Ruca gave her.[9]

The page for Kiarie lists "Tick-Tock" as a nickname given to her by Ruca.[10]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-20)

The page for Ruin (AU) lists Ruca as one of his offspring.[11]

Hunger Games Simulator - OC's (2015-08-29)

Ruca chokes Lexi with a ribbon, but receives burn marks, which Carin heals with her shadow magic later.[12]

Digital Sketch Dump July-August 2015 (2015-08-29)

An older Ruca, with a beard and a crown, appears next to a larger Janus.[13]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Ruca begrudgingly hugs Carin, wraps his arm around a resting Carin and Kitty, tries to calm down a crying Carin while Kitty looks angrily at him, and floats behind an annoyed Carin.[14]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-31)

The page for Cari (AU) lists Ruca as one of her offspring.[15]

red eyed character piece (2015-10-05)

Ruca appears in this OC collage, in both his human form and his fox form.[16]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Ruca as part of house Abaddon in the AU.[17]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (2015-12-02)

Ruca and Carin are retrieved by Malakai, upon the request of Ruin. Yawning, he wonders why he was called, hinting he didn't get any sleep last night. Upon seeing Poet, he frowns, and angrily shouts at Cari as to why he has to partake in a Christmas tradition from the Celeste house. While everyone else happily accepts their Christmas sweater gifts, Ruca breaks the fourth wall talking about his family, until he is patted on the face by Carin, and they begin to fight.[18]

Hey there buddy (2016-01-17)

In this video using audio from a joke fan dub of Sans from Undertale, Ruca appears dead on the ground.[19]

#WeOut (2016-03-03)

In a redraw of a scene from Angel Beats, Ruca is the second person to jump out the window.[20]

Abaddon Snuggles (2016-04-02)

A young Ruca rests on his mother's lap.[21]

Blep (2016-04-04)

Ruca's cousins rest on him while he remains awake.[22]

Pizza (2016-09-22)

In this video using audio from "Cot Dammit Elizabeth" vines, Ruca is surprised Carin isn't plus size, says that she chows down like a cartoon character, and witnessed her eat a pizza without biting.[23]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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