Nyah Has an Adventure (season 2)

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Online viewers
271"Nyah Has an Adventure, Act II"TBATBATBANW-2NHA01TBA
Nyah and friends imagine up some different scenarios of what the future may hold for them.
282"Two Little, Too Late"TBATBATBANW-2NHA14TBA
Since they've been in society longer, Arph and Skye share memories of their childhoods with Nyah and Lone.
293"On Fleek Hashtag Swag Baes YOLO"TBATBATBANW-2NHA02TBA
Everyone in the world must overcome the most disastrous enemy yet: Memes.
Isn't it weird how the last letters of Nyah, Lone, Arph and Skye's names spell "Hehe"?
315"The New Old Friend"TBATBATBANW-2NHA03TBA
Someone from Arph's past tries to weasel his way back into his group of friends, in a creepy attempt to get closer to Nyah.
326"Chronological Chronicles"TBATBATBANW-2NHA16TBA
Skye's internal clock runs out of battery.
The world's most famous Let's Player is losing subscribers because he doesn't "react enough" anymore.
348"A Lone with You"TBATBATBANW-2NHA17TBA
Lone's parents die in a plane crash.
359"Nyah's World Tour"TBATBATBANW-2NHA05TBA
Nyah follows Mira & Fret around the world, as she is blackmailed by an unknown person who is attempting to get an autograph from one of the band members.
3610"Arph Has an Adventure"TBATBATBANW-2NHA18TBA
Arph and Nyah switch bodies.
3711"The Meaning of Nyah"TBATBATBANW-2NHA06TBA
Nyah and friends explain life from Birth to Death.
3812"Cheer Up, Nyah"TBATBATBANW-2NHA19TBA
A more happier episode, without anything bad happening. What could go wrong?!
The space agency sends Nyah and friends to push back an alien threat because they are too chicken to send actual humans.
On opposite day, Nyah, Lone, Skye and Arph meet their anti-verse counterparts: Hayn, Enol, Eyks and Hpra
4115"Nyah of Constant Sorrow"TBATBATBANW-2NHA20TBA
Nyah isn't feeling her happy-go-lucky self.
An entire day with Nyah, Lone, Skye and Arph's perspectives being shown on-screen at the same time.
Same old, same old. Boring office jobs. The daily commute. Will anything remotely interesting happen?
4418"Save the Date"TBATBATBANW-2NHA10TBA
Arph wants to propose to Skye over a dinner, but she starts to have second thoughts about their relationship.
4519"We Are Dancer"TBATBATBANW-2NHA22TBA
They're not human, so they must be dancer.
4620"Unlocked Android"TBATBATBANW-2NHA11TBA
The reason why Skye's eyes look like keyholes is revealed.
4721"From Australia with Love"TBATBATBANW-2NHA23TBA
Nyah and friends film a tourism video for the Australian government, skipping tourist attractions to focus on random things in the outback.
4822"Miss Farewell's Goodbyes"TBATBATBANW-2NHA12TBA
All mediocre things come to an end.
4923"Drink Your Teeth and Brush Your Milk"TBATBATBANW-2NHA24TBA
It's good for you.
5024"Ignorance Isn't Bliss"TBATBATBANW-2NHA25TBA
Science somehow proves that ignorance is less than bliss, giving everyone an existential crisis.
5125"Ignorance Is Bliss"TBATBATBANW-2NHA26TBA
It truly is.
5226"Exit: Nyah"Darien Brice DickinsonDarien Brice DickinsonTBANW-2NHA13TBA
Nyah is thrown in front of a train, and she explodes on impact.