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Nyah Has an Adventure
Poster with Nyah, Lone, Arph, Skye and Mira.
Early poster featuring these characters:
Nyah, Lone, Arph, Skye, and Mira.
Also known asNyah: The Animated Series
  • Animated sitcom
  • Slice of life
Created byDarien Brice Dickinson
Based onThe character Nyah,
a mistake by
by Jordyn-Rae Morrison
Developed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Written byDarien Brice Dickinson
Directed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Theme music composerDarien Brice Dickinson
Opening theme"Nyah Ha Ha~!"
(Season 1)
"Nyah Is a Four Letter Word"
(Season 2)
Ending theme"Music of the Aquabirb"
(Season 1)
"Tale of the Parasite"
(Season 2)
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Editor(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Running time22-26 minutes
(per episode)
Production company(s)Studio RGB-Newt
DistributorThe Fishal Project
Original networkYouTube
Picture format4K UHD
Audio formatStereo
Followed byNyah Has a Movie (TBA)
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Nyah Has an Adventure is an animated sitcom, produced by Studio RGB-Newt and distributed by The Fishal Project. The series was developed by Darien Brice Dickinson, who based the main character on a design which Jordyn-Rae Morrison drew on a whiteboard wall at Raffles College in June 2015. In her words, this character was a mistake, which is why the series' opening titles include the words "Based on the Mistake by Jordyn-Rae Morrison". The series is currently in the pre-production and writing phase, with the exception of the first episode, which has already been storyboarded completely.

The show follows Nyah, a tadpole parasite that has disguised herself as a rare aquabirb creature by infecting the DNA of a missing human girl. She disguises herself as a creature, as parasites are illegal and must be terminated on sight (whereas creatures are not). As she can't speak human, other non-human characters, such as her best friends, Lone, Arph and Skye, can translate for her. Side-plots involve a band of musicians composed of characters Mira, Fret, and Bele and their quest to try to improve their sound and become famous.

A spin-off abridged series, Nyah Has an Abridged Series, is also in development and has shorter episodes - each of them loosely based on the plot of the main series' episodes, but with their own original story and more heavily adult-oriented jokes than what is found in the main series. Following the conclusion of both the main series and the abridged series, production on the feature-length Nyah Has a Movie will begin.


In the 1970s, a rogue group of parasites cause a bio-chemical war that wipes out most of the human population. After the fallout, the remaining humans sentence all known parasites to death, and make it illegal to have contact with any parasite. Soon after, other non-human creatures started making themselves known to the public. They claim to be descended from animals, but are not human-animal hybrids, nor mutants formed in the bio-chemical war. Due to the need for a stronger population, the humans allow the creatures to adapt into their society.

In the 1990s, Miss Farewell, the widow of a late human veteran in the parasite's bio-chemical war discovers her child Samantha with a box of parasite eggs. Upon offering to destroy them against her daughter's will, Samantha runs off to a local rainforest where an aqueduct acts a bridge over a river. As she empties the eggs into the river below, Samantha is also pushed off the bridge and into the river, killing her instantly. Her recently-deceased body is immediately infected by a baby tadpole parasite from the eggs, who turns out to be Nyah.

Over the years, Nyah morphs Samantha's corpse into the image of an aquabirb creature, and lives peacefully by herself in said forest, until her teenage years when a stray arrow strikes her through the head, and her scream alerts humans to her presence. Due to the non-human creatures recently making themselves known to the public over the past few decades, her appearance is nothing shocking, but when a government agency tries to scan her DNA to check if she isn't a parasite, Nyah destroys their only scanning device before it can scan her completely. This saves Nyah from being killed, as the agency decide to brand her as a creature to save time and they aren't bothered enough to double-check.

At the government's facility for adapting creatures to human society, Nyah is paired up with Lone - a penguin creature who isn't anthropomorphic, like all the other currently discovered creatures. This leads to him being denied a job, as a government official points out that his lack of hands will prevent him from doing certain tasks. Lone decides to stick with Nyah and act as her interpreter, as most humans cannot understand her speech. Soon, the two of them meet Arph, a dog creature working for the government, and his old childhood friend Skye, a cat creature with cyborg parts due to an incident with fire that occurred when she was young.

Lone, Arph and Skye eventually find out that Nyah is a parasite, and initially try to distance themselves from her because of this, but ultimately decide to become best friends and live life to the fullest by protecting Nyah, as it provides them a thrill for doing something illegal.



In June 2015, Jordyn-Rae Morrison drew the first known public sketch of a tadpole-like character who could only say "Nyah" on a whiteboard wall at Raffles College of Design and Commerce, and fellow students followed this up with other possible ideas and more drawings of the character. The character had an arrow through its head, so Darien Brice Dickinson's contribution to this idea was a comic about how that arrow might have gotten there and what the character's reaction would be. This comic evolved into a webcomic, also titled Nyah Has an Adventure, and was to have 30 short chapters. Unhappy with the way in which the webcomic was proceeding, Darien placed it on hiatus and figured that a completely brand new story told through animation was a better way to showcase the character, now officially named Nyah.

To round out the main cast, Darien adapted three characters from his earlier projects into a style that fit the Nyah project. Arph came from Dan the Dog (created in 2007), Lone came from The Lone Penguin (created in 2010), and Skye came from the SkyeKattr0n IRC Bot (created in 2012). Skye was coloured red in her original IRC Bot design, but was changed to blue for the Nyah series to compliment its "RGB motif", seeing as Arph was already red and Lone was already green. The rest of the cast are brand new characters, made specifically for the Nyah series, with the exception of references to other characters designed by Jordyn.

Over the next few years, various videos and images using the Nyah character were created as inside jokes that would only be shared within the small group of students that helped bring Nyah to life. Soon, Darien created puppet rigs of the four main characters in Toon Boom Harmony, and later got to work on a teaser trailer for the first season of the series, in the hopes of bringing others aboard the project. After animating 4 of the 26 scenes in the teaser, it was decided that this version of the teaser would be scrapped, as the design of all the characters needed re-adjustments, and the animation puppet rigs were very limited in how they could move.


In April 2017, all 52 episodes of the series were given basic plot outlines.

In April 2018, a draft screenplay for the pilot episode was completed. It was rewritten in August and then finalized in November of that year.

In August 2018, Darien commissioned Finnish artist CanisAries to redesign Arph in her own style.

In December 2018, a thumbnail storyboard for the pilot episode was completed.

Producer credits

Some students at Raffles College who were in the room at the time of Nyah's conception are currently credited as producers on the series, without them even having to do anything. Additionally, all current Dream Team members of The Fishal Project Discord server are also equally credited as producers, without them having to do anything either. This however does not entitle them to any financial earnings that the show may or may not generate, unless they have actually contributed to the visuals or audio of the show in some way.

These people may request to have a different credit at any time or to be removed from the credits entirely, if they may so choose, such as in January 2019 when an entire group of people listed as producers on the series was removed from the credits upon request from the group's admin.


The main plots for all 52 episodes are set in stone. However, certain stories, sketches, and jokes within the episodes may still be contributed by people other than Darien while the screenplays are not yet finalized, and these people will be fully credited as writers for all the episodes in which their contributions are used. In 2017, a Trello board made specifically for sorting out notes related to each episode was set up to make the writing of screenplays easier.

The series was originally going to be storyboard-driven (that is, having the storyboard artists come up with what happens in the show), but writing out the full screenplays based on ideas from the Trello board made things more cohesive.

Voice actors

Voices for three of the four main characters have been found, and recording is currently taking place.

Darien temporarily voices every character during the storyboard phase of production to assist in the timing of the animatic.


The animation is currently produced in Toon Boon Harmony Premium and Blender.

Non-secrecy of finale plot

Throughout the entire production run and within the description of each episodes release, it will be made clear that the final episode features Nyah being thrown in front of a train, where she then "explodes on impact". While this is exactly what happens, this information is usually followed up by the fact that there will be a feature-length film that has a plot which takes place after the series finale.

Revealing the true ending of the series finale like this is partly a "social experiment" to find out if people will even watch the show or not when the way it ends is constantly being spoiled for them. The results of this experiment will help the development of other projects, among other things, such as seeing if people will still obnoxiously spoil the ending of the series for others, when everyone should already be well aware of what happens.


Nyah is a parasite using a human host body to disguise as a creature, while Lone, Arph and Skye are genuine creatures. The four of them make up the group of friends that serve as the main cast for the series. Recurring characters include humans, animals and other creatures. Nyah and Lone live in a penthouse above a sushi restaurant in the Sydney CBD, while Arph and Skye are neighbours in a currently unnamed suburb outside of Sydney, who later join their houses together in other to have more room.

Main characters

  • Nyah (age 19) is a happy-go-lucky tadpole parasite disguised as an aquabirb creature who, despite the title of the series, doesn't want to go on any adventures, and would rather stay in her penthouse apartment and downstairs sushi restaurant, wanting opportunities of fun to come to her instead. Nyah was discovered in a rainforest after an arrow got shot into her head, and her scream alerted people to her presence. Due to her upbringing, Nyah can only say her own name and things that sound similar to it. For example, instead of saying "Yes" or "No", she will say "Ny-es" or "Nyo", respectively.
  • Lone (age 17) is a penguin creature who was initially denied a job, so he employs himself as Nyah's main interpreter, living with her until he can find a more suitable occupation. Despite his bad situation in life, he considers himself the leader of the group, and is always on the lookout for tasks and activities that he and his friends can do together.
  • Arph (age 20) is a dog creature. He was one of the first "second-generation" creatures to be revealed to the human population, when he was only 5. His creature parents let him go to human public schools instead of home-schooling him, which lead to some mental scars from bullying as he was the only "different" one. He eventually did well enough in school that he landed a field agent job at one of the top branches of the government (but was later demoted to errands-boy for the higher-ranking officials, due to an incident with Nyah). Despite the administrative work he has to do, he fits a lot of physical exercise into his routine to stay muscular, and is pretty laid back in the sense that at certain times, he will say the first thing that comes to mind without thinking it through. His catchphrase is "I guess you can say ignorance is bliss!".
  • Skye (age 19) is a cat creature fused with old, mechanical cyborg parts from the early 2000s due to an incident which caused her to lose both her eyes, one of her ears and all her limbs in her early years. After learning about Nyah's origins and suffering a self-inflicted head injury which damaged some of her cyborg parts, they began sending mixed signals to her brain, and she developed a multiple personality disorder. Skye has three personalities that are distinguishable by the different RGB LEDs that sometimes light up on her robotic ear, which before gaining the disorder, lit up to inform others of her current active emotions (in the predictable sense of red being angry, green being happy, and blue being sad). Skye's "red" personality considers herself to be a trendy tomboy, ready for action at the sign of any danger, unless that's currently not the "cool" thing to do. Skye's "blue" personality is always depressed, and will say things that bring the mood down. Skye's "green" personality acts sort of loopy, and is obnoxiously happy even when the situation is dire. More than one of these personalities can't be active at the same time, but they can switch in instantly. When none of the LED lights are lit up, people assume they're talking to the original and pure Skye, without the interference from her cyborg parts. She wears a custom-designed jumpsuit which houses four tentacles added onto the back of her body recent years. These help her pick things up, or move around, if her old mechanical arms or legs lock up, as some early technology sometimes tends to do. For some reason, her cyborg pupils are in the shape of keyholes, and the doctors who operated on her won't tell her why, only providing a map which leads back to the land of the farm she grew up on, the area of which was turned into a heavily-guarded, top-secret government facility. Most characters in the series are bored or exhausted when she has to tell her long and depressing backstory to them.

Recurring characters

  • Mira, Fret and Bele are two goat creature twins and a bat creature, respectively. They form the indie band "Mira & Fret" (which doesn't use Bele's name, as she prefers to stay out of the spotlight) and their sound and music style drastically improves over the course of the series. Their attempts to get famous are sometimes accidentally thwarted by Nyah and her crew.
  • Beth is a goat/bat hybrid creature, the young daughter of Fret and Bele. She can be found advertising her parents' band, but hates Mira for some reason.
  • Miss Farewell is the mother of Samantha, the missing human who Nyah is using the body of. She was the one who shot Nyah through the head, as she believed Nyah is the creature who killed her daughter. She relatively stabilized since firing her bow at Nyah, and seems to want to make amends, but nobody really knows her true intentions.
  • Cago is a wolf creature, who was accidentally injured by Nyah in her early years, when he found her hideout in the rainforest. He constantly thinks up plans to make Nyah's life as miserable as possible.
  • Hayn, Enol, Hpra and Eyks are creatures from the antiverse, introduced in Season 2. They love to cause mischief, but don't really hate anyone.


Series overview

Nyah and her friends live their average day-to-day lives, discuss philosophical things, provide meta commentary on things that happen during the show's writing and production phases, and also get into all sorts of hilarious, serious and/or depressing situations. At the end of the series, Nyah is thrown in front of a train where she "explodes on impact". This event sets up the feature-length movie which will serve as the real finale to the series.


The fifty-two episodes are split into two seasons of twenty-six episodes, which are in turn split into two "parts" of thirteen episodes each.

They will be posted to various video-hosting websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Newgrounds.

Home media

Sampler discs of specific episodes will be available on order, before the seasons are officially compiled onto Blu-Ray discs.

Merchandise and other media

There are currently no merchandise plans for the series.

Nyah Has an Abridged Series

Nyah Has an Abridged Series halves the runtime of episodes in Nyah Has an Adventure, and re-dubs it into a parody - with a major change being Nyah's ability to speak English. All the visual footage remains the same, with the exception of the four main characters who are replaced with poorly-animated, chibi-like versions of themselves.

Feature film

Nyah Has a Movie takes place ten years after the season 2 finale of Nyah Has an Adventure. Nyah's group of friends have split up following Nyah's "death", but after spending the last ten years regenerating, she is ready to bring them back together.


The soundtrack is split into one double-album of vocal songs performed across both seasons, and four different soundtrack albums of background music (one album for each "part" of thirteen episodes). A compilation of all five of these soundtracks is also planned.

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