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Nyah Has a Movie
Directed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Written byDarien Brice Dickinson
Based onThe character Nyah,
a mistake by
by Jordyn-Rae Morrison
Edited byDarien Brice Dickinson
Distributed byThe Fishal Project

Nyah Has a Movie is an upcoming animated comedy film that is being produced by Studio RGB-Newt. It will serve as the conclusion to the Nyah Has an Adventure animated series, and mainly takes place 10 years after the events of the season 2 finale. Like the series, the film is scheduled to be released and distributed by The Fishal Project.


After Nyah is thrown in front of a train where she "explodes on impact" in the season 2 finale of Nyah Has an Adventure, she regains consciousness as a small section of parasitical goo, separated from other bits of goo. She quickly realizes the she is now outside of her host body, Samantha. Some of the goo that she isn't connected to starts slowly drying up and permanently shriveling away, so she gathers up as much usable bits of herself as possible and tries to find a source of liquid to keep herself from dying. However, some humans who witnessed the event of her being thrown in front of the train try attacking her, due to the illegality of parasites.

Nyah's best friends Lone, Arph, and Skye pick her up and throw her down the drain of a fountain, just moments before she dries up completely. They wait by the fountain for hours, hoping that she found a source of water, but they soon give up, accept the possibility that she's dead, and head home. The film then jumps forward 10 years in the future. Lone is homeless, Arph is working a standard office job after being fired from the government, and Skye is a librarian. Nyah turns up at her old apartment, still without a proper host body, but looking much like she did when she had one. As parasites don't have mouths to feed with, she is able to survive simply by picking up food and stuffing it into her stomach area. Nyah discovers her apartment is currently being occupied by Beth, who tells Nyah that literally everyone in her circle of friends split up after they held a funeral service for her.

Nyah sets out to revisit her old friends and bring them back together.


The movie will retain the same cast from the animated series.



The movie has been planned to be the conclusion to the animated series ever since 2016, when the scene where Nyah explodes on impact with a train was written to be the cliffhanger ending to Season 2.


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