Nyah: The Adventure

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Nyah: The Adventure
Developer(s)Studio RGB-Newt
Publisher(s)The Fishal Project
Programmer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Artist(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Writer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
SeriesNyah Has an Adventure
EngineInform 7
  • WW: TBA
Genre(s)Interactive fiction

Nyah: The Adventure is an interactive fiction video game in the Nyah Has an Adventure franchise, which is based on a character design by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. The game was designed by franchise creator Darien Brice Dickinson, developed by Studio RGB-Newt and published by The Fishal Project.


The game mirrors the plot of the animated series, allowing you to explore the settings the sitcom takes place in, and interact with characters and objects.


As it is a text adventure game, the player, in the role of Nyah, solves a number of puzzles to advance the plot. This includes collecting and using a number of items within their inventory. The player has a variety of commands that they can enter to observe, move about, and interact with the game's world, such as "LOOK", "INVENTORY", "NORTH" (to move up) "TAKE SUSHI", or "PUT GUITAR ON STAND". Most commands will advance the game's turn counter, giving an incentive to try and complete the game in as few turns as possible. Strongly deviating from the plot of the animated sitcom, results in a variety of deaths and game overs, forcing the player to restart from the beginning or from a save they created, though there are many achievements to be found from exploring certain areas.





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