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The-F0X character
Nyah ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Additional design byDarien Brice Dickinson
Full nameNyahline
  • Guitar player
  • Restaurant owner
  • Sushi chef
  • 19 (season 1)
  • 20 (season 2)
  • 31 (movie)

Nyah is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. Nyah was first brought to the attention of Darien Brice Dickinson after being drawn on the whiteboard at Raffles College in 2015. It is currently unknown if there are any earlier drawings of the character, but Jordyn has hinted the character was around in her high school years. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Nyah (short for Nyahline) is the titular character and main protagonist of the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure.

In that series, Nyah is first brought to the attention of the human population when she screams in pain after an arrow is shot into her head. Taken from her rainforest home, she is forced to integrate into society where she meets her three best friends: Lone, Arph and Skye. Despite the title of the series, Nyah is not so adventurous, and she would much rather stay in her apartment and cook in the downstairs sushi restaurant that she owns, waiting for fun to come to her instead.

Character sheet


Nyah's name is short for Nyahline, which is similar to names like Eileen or Madeline. Nyah can only say her own name, or things that sound similar to it, like "nyes" or "nyo" (which mean "yes" or "no", respectively). The name Nyah also stems from "nya", which is Japanese onomatopoeia for noises that cats make.

Nyah was officially born in 1998 from eggs produced by a crow parasite and a shark parasite, in the Wyoming rainforest in New South Wales, Australia. When her baby tadpole parasite form infected the recently-deceased Samantha Farewell, she effectively reset the age of the human, and began to morph it to look like an aquabirb creature from there. She is 19 years old for the majority of Season 1.

Nyah, like Samantha, is left-handed, and she also has neat handwriting.


File:Turnaround Nyah.png
Turnaround sheet.

Nyah's main appearance throughout the series is that of an aquabirb creature, which she disguises as due to the illegality of her actual species at birth (tadpole parasite). The human body she inherited from Samantha Farewell would've had the same proportions as Nyah, had it been allowed to grow up.

Nyah's skin colour as an aquabirb creature is light-blue, reminiscent of decaying human skin. An outer coat of fluffy, white feathers covers her skin up. The arrow embedded into her head by Miss Farewell was assimilated to Nyah's body and will grow back if sliced off, provided she consumes the goo that the sliced-off portions melt into.

Nyah's hair colour is as black as a crow's feathers, and her hair extends to the bottom of her shoulders. Nyah does not have any visible ears, but can still hear perfectly through the gills on her neck, which also allow her to breath underwater. Her eyes are completely black with two white circular shines in each acting as her pupils. These eyes are actually the only visible part of her tadpole parasite form. Her nose is pointy, like a bird's beak. Her teeth are carnivorous, like a shark's.

Her tadpole-like tail's girth is double her body's width, and its length is half her body's height.

Health and Image

Nyah's diet consists mostly of fish, as that is what she grew up with in the rainforest she was discovered in. She has no need for exercise, as parasites do not have the ability to gain weight, thus she remains very fit-looking. She has good balance on curved or narrow surfaces, but trips a lot on flat ground. She was initially slow to react to fast-moving objects, which is how the arrow managed to strike through her head, but now she can move short distances lightning-quick (if the situation calls for it).

Nyah wears a grey sleeveless shirt at all times, without any shorts or pants. She can play the electric guitar, as Samantha could. Nyah is very hygienic, though she avoids hand-sanitizers and similar anti-bacteria products, as they contain ingredients harmful to parasites. She smells like a clean pet bird, with a hint of lavender. There are scars on her skin around the entry and exit wounds of the arrow in her head.


Nyah's voice is high-pitched and usually loud. When laughing, she'll usually opt for a "Nyahaha~!". Nyah cannot speak proper English, but can say certain simple English words with a "Ny-" prefix added to them. For example, "Nyes" = "Yes" and "Nyo" = "No".


Nyah's IQ is high, though she tries to hide it. She has good memory, but wants to actively forget everything in her past from before she was discovered by society. Her temperament is sanguine. Her learning style is auditory. She is emotionally stable, unless provoked, in which case she will snap and try to shut up the person provoking her, even going so far as to slice their throat using her claws (if necessary).

Nyah understands and interacts with others very well. Nyah doesn't really understand her own self that well. Nyah is okay with written and spoken words. Nyah works very well with logic, reason, numbers, and critical thinking. Nyah's perception to sounds, music, tones, and rhythms is very clear. Nyah understands their natural surroundings very well. Nyah can create and visualize images in their mind’s eye very well. Nyah can understand phenomena or questions beyond sensory data very well.


Nyah has an okay sense of hearing. Nyah has a very good sense of taste. Nyah has an okay sense of smell. Nyah has a bad sense of touch. Nyah has good eyesight. Nyah has very good intuition. Nyah sometimes experiences synesthesia.


Nyah's allegiance is to the parasites, who she will aim to protect more than she will with her creature friends. Nyah has low political awareness.

Nyah is very polite. Nyah's alignment is Chaotic Neutral. Nyah is an optimist. Nyah's vices are Lust, Gluttony, Wrath and Pride (4 of 7).


Nyah's primary objective over the course of the series is to survive in a world that actively wants her species dead. When it comes to goals, she prioritizes easier stuff over harder stuff. She is very motivated to get things done. She has high self-esteem.

Nyah's hobbies include cooking, urban exploration, and playing guitar.

Nyah is usually traumatized by her past before her discovery by society, and the stigma about her species. She also worries about the uncertainty of her own future. These traumas and worries are mainly instigated by the Farewell family, war veterans, and employees of the government. Eating seafood, and seeing her friends protect her usually calms her down. She is culinary-savvy. She is inept at speaking human. She has a soft spot for people who are in trouble, no matter who they are. She will always tries to hinder any investigations into her species or history.

She considers being mistakenly classified as a creature (instead of as a parasite) as a major accomplishment. She is ashamed of the fact that she can't really help other members of her species without raising suspicion. If an obituary was written about her, it would include the phrase "If she were still around today, she'd say 'Nyah', and that's really beautiful".

Nyah's earliest memory is encountering the recently deceased body of Samantha.

She is very confident in her abilities. She has good creativity. She is extremely generous. She is somewhat honest. She is very loyal. She is very patient. She is not very predictable. She is somewhat reliable. She is somewhat trustworthy.

Home, Work, and Education

Nyah lives above a sushi restaurant on the corner of a street in Sydney, Australia. She has Australian citizenship. She stays up late and wakes up early.

Nyah is self-employed, and manages the aforementioned sushi restaurant under her home, also acting as a chef there from time to time. She attributes her culinary skills to her time growing up in the rainforest she was discovered in. Nyah prefers public transportation, like buses and trains, to get around. Nyah does not have a criminal record.

Nyah has a Bachelors for Australian Creatures degree.


Nyah's mother is Avia, and her father is Nuro. She has no other known relatives, or children.

Nyah's closest friends are Lone, Arph, and Skye. She is acquaintances with fellow Mira & Fret band members Mira, Fret, and Bele. She has a rivalry with her antiverse-counterpart Hayn. Her enemies include Cago, and Miss Farewell.

Nyah has a reputation among humans of being "the funny one" out of her group of friends. She co-operates well with others. She cannot hold a good conversation.


Nyah's first love was Cago. She is heterosexual. Beginning in the latter-half of season 1, Nyah's love interest is officially Lone.

Story Information

Nyah's home universe is the Primeverse. Nyah is a main character.

The inspiration for Nyah's current design was the original character design drawn by Jordyn-Rae Morrison.

Nyah's theme song is Fanfare to the Adventure (Nyah ver.).

Episodes of the main series with a primary focus on Nyah include: Enter: Nyah, Life of an Aquabirb, The Wolf who Cried Nyah, Fame and Misfortune Cookies, Twelve Days of Nyah Gifts, The Theory of Nyah, Bad Weather, Drowning, Strangah Dangah, Join the Nyahrmy, Nyah Goes AWOL, Okay Then, Nyah Has an Adventure, Act II, Hehe, The New Old Friend, Nyah's World Tour, Cheer Up, Nyah, Nyah of Constant Sorrow, Perspective, Miss Farewell's Goodbyes, Ignorance Is Bliss, and Exit: Nyah.

Other media with a primary focus on Nyah include: Have a Very Nyah Holiday, and Nyah Has a Movie.



Nyah's Myers-Briggs Personality Type is ENFP.




— Nyah, all episodes



Nyah Has an Adventure

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