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The-F0X character
Lyric ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
SpeciesEquine animal

Lyric is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Lyric appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as Wendolyn's pet horse.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Peryton Park (2018-03-05)

Wendolyn cups Lyric's face in her right hand, as they are surrounded by pigeons. The background photo was taken in Parramatta, NSW, Australia, and according to the image description, this image was featured at Parramatta Lanes Festival 2017.[1]

Morning Flight || 4k THANK YOU! (2018-04-03)

Lyric flies out of a forest, while Wendolyn and Luna hold on for dear life.[2]

SE2ViHOCgwr6T3Qf5RSCJ2UdcC6LeQEiNefvMMLXIDcgLqYh4zReqUfQ1s5H (2018-07-06)

A page of various Lyric sketches. Rune also makes an appearance, screaming at Lyric.[citation needed]

Small Animations + Update + ART FIGHT (2018-07-09)

An animation titled "Peryton Test" is played on loop. Due to the appearance of Wendolyn, it is assumed this peryton is Lyric.[3]

Wendolyn_and_Peryton (2019-02-01)

Wendolyn holds onto Lyric's head, with both hands this time.[4][5]

Lyric Reference Sheet (2019-03-25)

Lyric is a faewild peryton. Faewild perytons are aggressive towards humanoids, highly dangerous and fiercely defend their herd's territory (the entrance to the Faewild), where only this breed of peryton are found. If a peryton spots a humanoid creature, the humanoid will be hunted and killed to avoid exposure of the peryton hiding place. Faewild peryton were hunted to near extinction alongside other breeds of peryton due to their prized gold horns, hooves and feathers. They are a rare bounty and trophy.

Lyric herself, has a slightly lighter coat to other Faewild peryton. Lyric can mimic any noise she has heard previously, including voices, though her natural sound is a whistle as well as other deer and elk type noises. Not tame, but has a connection to Wendolyn, as Wendolyn can communicate with creatures. Lyric acts aggressively towards hujmans, but accepts the company of humans and any creature begrudgingly if Wendolyn asks it to.

Lyric's horns curl into a halo shape, and have carved-looking markings spiraling throughout the horn's grain. Lyric's feathers line her neck, back and tail. She is the size of a horse, has deer teeth, as well as large fangs, and is omnivorous (but prefers a plant diet).[6][7]

The-F0X does not own the peryton species, but made some species edits and lore to fit her own storyline. Faewild perytons differ to usual breeds of peryton. Because she hangs around Wendolyn, she's quite far from the Faewild borders and the safety of a herd, but the forest area the group resides in is rather secluded - hopefully hiding low enough to not be noticed by poachers. Lyric only really shows up when she's called upon, and keeps to herself in the forest, which is why she is not often chilling closely with the usual group.[8]

Scream_comic_pt_3 (2019-03-25)

After Luna is thrown off an airship by Wendolyn, Wendolyn has Lyric catch her and fly her back to safety. Lyric is shown to be grouchy about having to do this.[9]

56301841_1980406435415239_3702606342838550528_n (2019-04-06)

A little needle-felted doll of Lyric is pictured next to a muntjac (fanged deer) skull.[10] White fabric was only available, so the other colours are painted.[11]

26036068_10209624070067968_1234495033_o (2019-05-04)

Lyric is pictured outside a cabin with the rest of her acquaintances (excluding Amber, who is inside the cabin), during a snow day.[12]

60862744_449364622478542_7153806590322147328_n (2019-05-18)

A drawing of Lyric, labelled as a "bird horse".[13]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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