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The-F0X character
Kitty ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
SpeciesFiber parasite
  • 14 (season 1)
  • 15 (season 2)
  • 26 (movie)

Kitty is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Kitty appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as a fiber parasite in the body of a stuffed rabbit plush toy. He is not exempt from the law where all parasites must be terminated on sight, but has a good hiding spot as he is owned by Princess Carin of the royal family. Carin protects Kitty because he was her only non-family friend for most of her formative years, plus any attempts at destroying objects owned by the royal family is punishable by jail for life, without parole.

Most people outside the royal family are not even aware there is a parasite inside the toy, as he can stay completely still in the presence of others, and because parasites are usually known for using previously-sentient beings as their host bodies. Carin's brother, Ruca, does disapprove of Kitty being a parasite though, and will attempt to destroy him from time-to-time. Kitty being a teenager, is also going through a rebellious phase, where he wants to explore the world outside the castle he's been stuck in for most of his life - usually leading to some very close encounters with other anti-parasite people.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Typical Morning (2014-05-26)

Kitty is seen in an early, beta colour palette next to Carin's pillow, having a more textured look, and without the fluff around his neck.[1]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 1 (2014-08-28)

Kitty is shown in his larger form, with Sketch in his mouth. Sketch asks Carin to tell Kitty that he is not an intruder, and Carin yells at Kitty to put her uncle down.

Carin is seen resting on Kitty's belly.

Kitty is shown held by Carin, surrounded by a list of Carin's favourite things.

Carin is once again on Kitty's belly, both sleeping, with Drake also sleeping next to Kitty.

When Ruca cuts Carin's cheek in a swordfight, Kitty menacingly appears and attempts to squash Ruca with his paw. After checking that Carin is okay, he growls at Ruca, who sends daggers flying towards him. This cuts Kitty up badly, and he stumbles, later bracing himself as Ruca flies at him with a sword. When Carin manages to stop Ruca, Kitty giggles.

A younger Ruca, with the help of Janus steals Kitty from Carin. Carin rides Drake to get Kitty back.

Kitty is held by a young Carin as she tells Skeri that she can't have balloons.

Various Kitty concept sketches are included, with him scaring various stick figures and holding them with his ears, paw, and tail.[2]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 2 (2014-08-28)

Kitty stays still next to Carin, until he is poked by Katherine's staff, at which point he grabs the staff and grows to his larger size, dangling Katherine over his open mouth.[3]

Error Kitty (2014-09-27)

In art drawn by Lexi-Cat, Kitty glitches between two different emotions.[4]

Casual Stroll (2015-01-27)

In this pixel art animation, Kitty follows closely behind Carin, who walks while reading a book. The image description tells Kitty that he gotta stop following her like that, bro.[5]

Spellbook Series : Pt.1 (2015-03-01)

Kitty is held by Carin, in front of Drake.[6]

11059657_10203185697232671_870010879528483673_n (2015-03-13)

Kitty is held by Carin, on a walk with Malakai.[7]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

In an alternate colour palette, Kitty is sad as Carin cries.

Kitty is held by Carin as she runs from Skeri, nearly slipping from her arms, and having spiral eyes with his tongue out after successfully being caught. When Skeri falls onto Carin from above, Carin calls on Kitty and Kitty grows into his larger form to get Skeri off her.

Carin carries Kitty to and from class. When Carin and Skeri bump into Fetch, Kitty snickers at the fact that Carin temporarily blinded Katherine.[8]

For Josh (2015-07-09)

Lineart and early sketch version of Friend or Foe (see below).[9]

11061668_10203841461266362_5811967714747520667_o (2015-07-10)

Flat colour version of Friend or Foe (see below).[10]

Friend or Foe (2015-07-10)

Kitty, held by Carin, reaches his paw up in a field of red balloons.[11]

Victorian Carin (2015-07-16)

Kitty and Carin in Victorian-era clothing, as a challenge by a friend of The-F0X.[12]

Recent drawing spree of the AU bae and her possessed rabbit toy (2015-07-17)

Alongside Friend or Foe and Victorian Carin (see above), sketches of Kitty and Carin are included in the post. They feature: Kitty looking at a ethereal creature with a scared Carin, Kitty in a beanie and sweater (saying "Aw yiss come at me winter"), Kitty reaching up for a snowflake, Kitty hugging Carin in bed, a sad Kitty holding onto a Carin that will rip your face off, a sad Kitty looking up at a sad Carin, and Kitty acting as rabbit ears for Carin.[13]

11822748_10203996424620349_4540580821233682253_n (2015-08-08)

Kitty sitting on the table at a tea party hosted by Carin.[14]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

The page for Carin lists Kitty as her pet.[15]

Hunger Games Simulator - OC's (2015-08-29)

Carin heals Ruca's burnt arms in-between Kitty's legs.

Kitty holds onto the arm of a crying Carin.[16]

Digital Sketch Dump July-August 2015 (2015-08-29)

Kitty waves in an alternate colour palette.

Kitty behind Carin in a field of thorns with smoke coming out of his eyes.

Alongside the sketches from Recent drawing spree of the AU bae and her possessed rabbit toy (see above), more are included, such as: Kitty holding a book (with an angry look), Kitty held happily, Kitty with a smug look, the outline of a missing Kitty (labelled "Gone"), an even-more patched up Kitty floating in magic conjured by a future Carin.[17]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Kitty grins behind Carin and Drake, holding his paw over Drake's head.

Kitty held by a young and old Carin in a zebra onesie.

Various Kitty sketches, him being hugged by Carin in the bottom left one.

Kitty sitting next to Carin stretching her wings.

Kitty towering over Carin, who holds onto one of his arms.

Kitty sleeping in Carin's arms, as she sleeps next to Ruca.

Kitty behind Ruin, Katherine, Kari and Cari.

Kitty mad at Ruca, who tries to calm Carin down.

Carin brushing Kitty's chest fluff.

Kitty getting smooched on the cheek by Carin. He blushes.

Kitty wiggling his eyebrows as he sits on a plush teddy bear.

Carin resting her head on Kitty.

Carin protecting Kitty from Ruca, who appears to have a sharp weapon.

Kitty lovingly hugged by Carin, near the plush teddy bear from earlier.

The same as the previous image, but Carin is more sad.

A sleeping Kitty held by Carin in her pajamas as she yawns.

Carin resting her arms on Kitty's head.[18]

lil Carin (2015-09-01)

Kitty hugged by a chibi-like Carin.[19]

red eyed character piece (2015-10-05)

Kitty appears in this OC collage, hugged by Carin.[20]

11060918_10204342326187672_1463995143971783470_o (2015-10-23)

Photos of the real-life Kitty plush.[21]

Train drawing from the other day~ (2015-10-28)

A sad Kitty hugged by a crying Carin, as they are surrounded by roses and thorns.[22]

Train doodles (2015-11-02)

A sad Kitty holding onto a happy Carin, surrounded by various birds. One bird is Malakai in his crow form.[23]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Kitty as a pet in the AU.[24]

Chicken scratches of random scenes (2015-11-23)

A happy Kitty, held by Carin as she talks to Fetch.[25]

Almost the last train doodles I'll be able to do this year :o (2015-11-26)

A sad Kitty, held by an annoyed Carin.[26]

Stages of a train doodle XD (2015-11-26)

Carin holding onto a limp Kitty's paw.[27]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (2015-12-02)

Kitty is brought to the throne room by Carin, when summoned by Malakai. He receives a Christmas sweater present from Poet.[28]

Casually reverts back to kilometrico pens (2016-01-04)

Kitty and Carin, happily hugging each other.[29]

Character Sketches (2016-02-02)

A frowning Kitty held by a shocked Carin.[30]

Pixel Snuggles (2016-02-02)

Carin, Kitty and Drake all snuggling together in a pixel animation.[31]

Sleepy Demons (2016-02-02)

Kitty with closed eyes, on an awake Carin.[32]

#WeOut (2016-03-03)

In a redraw of a scene from Angel Beats, Carin holds Kitty as she drops out of the window.[33]

Abaddon Snuggles (2016-04-02)

A young Carin holds onto Kitty on Ruin's lap.[34]

What a mess (2016-04-02)

Carin and Kitty covered in blood, with their eyes glowing. The image description claims this has no background story.[35]

Blep (2016-04-04)

Kitty held by Carin as she sleeps on Ruca.[36]

No power all day gives me not much else to do other than draw (2016-04-18)

Similar to Casually reverts back to kilometrico pens (see above), but with one eye open on each character.[37]

Lazy Babies (2016-05-02)

Carin and Kitty lounging around.[38]

Class doodles of a bae and her bear (2016-05-04)

Kitty lovingly growling on Carin's head, covering one of her eyes. Plus, Kitty lying on Carin's tail, and sitting snugly next to her arm as she reads a book.[39]

Pizza (2016-09-22)

In this video using audio from "Cot Dammit Elizabeth" vines, Kitty is squeezed by Carin when Ruca implies she's fat.[40]

14468205_10206311082325345_1975762319655792764_o (2016-09-24)

Kitty riding on the back of Carin's feral fox form.[41]

14434935_10206311082405347_6196465124035864847_o (2016-09-24)

Kitty swiping at crows from Carin's lap as she reads a book.[42]

15000805_10206694977202477_6808171934259447358_o (2016-11-14)

Kitty held by Carin, who is wearing regal attire and a crown.[43]

Trauma (Meme) (2017-05-21)

Carin holds Kitty, but he gets dropped, his grinning face appearing behind her as her eyes turn black with a red glow. She also hugs onto his head in his larger form, he appears silhouetted and grinning behind her in profile as she has black eyes with a red glow again, and is later hugged by her again in his smaller form.[44]

50122795_366126714208572_2667955455740870656_n (2019-01-20)

Part of the real life plush toy of Kitty is seen.[45]

64744867_342333026690784_8145884249753387008_n (2019-06-17)

The real life plush toy of Kitty, in front of a monitor showing a comic by NeonWabbit that ships Carin and Drake.[46]

feast_kitty (2019-07-01)

Animation of tentacles coming out of Kitty's mouth, towards the camera, as Carin hides behind him.[47]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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