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The-F0X character
Kari ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Nyah Has an Adventure info:
  • 34 (season 1)
  • 35 (season 2)
  • 46 (movie)

Kari is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Kari appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as the Queen of Eastern Australia, wife of Sketch, and mother of Skeri.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Kari - Dragon Ref Sheet COLOR (2009-12-03)

Kari's blaze breath ability allows her to simultaneously shoot blue, pink, white, and black flames. She can magically heal her wounds, has shadowy claws, and can call on a spirit moon. Her ultimate ability allows her to transform into any animal. Two hook-like horns behind her main horns are only for show. Her necklace is a fine, blue leather material studded with black onyx gems, that has a pure diamond moon hanging from a hard metal chain. Her elbows have barbs containing deadly poison, while her claws have a poison that can stun, or make the victim sick and/or weak. The image description lists her species as "Fluffy Dragon... for now", with her actual species being a fox/kitsune with wings. Her main fox form has only one tail, making her a fox with magical powers.[1]

Sorta Chibi-Kari (2009-12-05)

A chibi Kari is seen lovingly winking, with her tongue sticking out.[2]

Kari and Sketch (2010-02-05)

Kari stands next to Sketch, arms behind her back. The image description states that The-F0X loved how Kari turned out.[3]

MUAHAHAH (2010-02-10)

Kari and Sketch sitting, backs facing each other, with her moon symbol included. The image description states that this will be used as the signature watermark for The-F0X's "Yin to my Yang" collection.[4]

Kari The Eastern Dragon (2010-02-28)

Kari as an eastern dragon.[5]

EEETS TOO SMAAALL (2010-03-01)

Kari is seen leaping forward.[6]

Groupies (2010-03-03)

Kari sits next to Sketch, tail intertwined with his.[7]

Lol, Remember Me? (2010-03-08)

Kari in the art style of Happy Tree Friends.[8]

Soaring With A legend / Soaring With A Legend - (2010-03-08)

Kari flying underneath a Lugia from Pokémon. The image description notes that Kari's face is "wrong", among other things. Kari is also stated to be like "OMG".[9][10]

Our Secret Place... (2010-03-18)

Kari and Sketch laying in a grassy forest area, surrounded by trees, with shards of light flickering down. She looks up to him and is noticably smaller. The image description describes her as a "little white fox".[11]

Sketcheon and Kareon (2010-03-20)

Kari and Sketch as eeveelutions, underwater, with a Luvdisc from Pokémon in-between them. The image description states this is DeviantArt user Gamelady12 (now CressLuna)'s idea, and that they are supposed to be Umbreons.[12]

Pika? (2010-03-28)

Kari as a Pikachu from Pokémon, looking confused. The image description states Kari was bored and tried this transformation out.[13]

What We Are (2010-03-28)

Kari looking down, surrounded by a pink border that is liquid-like, and a black background. The image description states she is in the black as she is the "evil" one, unlike Sketch, who is in front of a white background.[14]

Darkside Of The Moon (2010-03-29)

Kari with her back towards an evil version of herself. In the image description, the evil Kari is stated to be otherwise known as "Cari", and the "good" Kari is otherwise known as "Kar'ls".[15]

Chibi Hug (2010-04-05)

Kari and Sketch hugging each other as chibis, in front of a yin-yang heart background by DeviantArt user emmysdaddy.[16]

Yin and Yang (2010-04-06)

Yang is seen wearing the moon charm that would later be attached to Kari's collar. The image description states that Yin and Yang have connections to Kari and Sketch, as the latter two are reincarnations of these dragons. Kari is also listed here as the spirit of moon.[17]

Yin (2010-04-06)

In the image description, The-F0X states her OCs have spirit animals that don't waste the user's energy in order to change into them. Kari's spirit animal is listed as fox.[18]

Kip. (2010-04-07)

The image description states Kip is a character in the little world of Kari and Sketch. Kip was created by Sketch as a mixture of Kari's favourite things from when she was little, namely bubbles and water. Kip was named by Kari, and said to be just the favourite playmate for a little girl-ish demon like her.[19]

Ice Cream (2010-04-09)

Kari finds an ice cream shop and thinks about how delicious the ice cream look. She then looks down as she wonders which one to choose. In her head, Evil Kari thinks that she should get dark chocolate, but Kari states out loud that she doesn't like that, and asks why she would ever eat it. Evil Kari then responds that it would be because she likes it. Kip then squeaks, and is promptly yelled at by Evil Kari, causing him to cry. Kari then concludes that she should really stop bringing the two of them along to this ice cream shop.

In the image description, more context is given. Evil Kari is not physically there, as evidenced by her semi-transparent look. Evil Kari can be seen only when Kari wants her to be seen, but she cannot interact with anything. As Kari doesn't like dark chocolate (causing Evil Kari to argue with her), Kip tried to soothe their argument with his squeaking, but ultimately failed.[20]

.:KARI:. (2010-04-10)

Kari standing on all fours, with her huge wings widely spread out. The image description states Kari can change how big her wings are. It also states that she'd usually just transform into a bird or dragon to fly around, but sometimes she just wants to be a flying fox.[21]

Power Of The Moon (2010-04-13)

Kari howling in front of the moon, eyes closed. The image description states that she draws power from the moon, and that she is howling here, but it initially wasn't supposed to look like that.[22]

OC Meme (2010-04-15)

Kari is shown as a headshot, the first OC chosen for this meme. In hypothetical scenarios, she is shown to be to be relaxed about Luna choosing to sleep over at her place instead of Evil Kari's, causing an explosion and wrapping up production - fifteen minutes into her own cooking show, crying as Sketch chooses to marry Mara, embarrasingly claiming that drugs were the reason that she was late to Yin and Comet's wedding, and hangs from a ledge - calling out for help as Evil Kari just laughs at her bullshit.[23]

Kari Reference Sheet (2010-04-23)

This version of Kari's reference sheet lists her 4 main colours (pink, black, blue, and white), describes Kip as her childhood/present-time "pet", and states that she loves Sketch for now and for all eternity. It also describes her collar as being made of a fine blue leather, that is studded with black onyx gems. The crescent moon charm attached to the collar is made of pure diamond, and was given its special mystical power by Yang. The chain connecting the charm and the collar is made of a hard metal. Kari's trademark is stated to be the crescent moon, her name is pronounced "Car-E", and her name means "pure of heart".

Her listed abilities include: shape-shifting, dark magic, light magic, moon magic, and the ability to control flora. Her listed elements are Fire and Air. Kari's wings are stated to grow and minimize to her liking, but their are mainly small. She also cannot be without these wings, unless they are hidden while she is in her human form. Evil Kari is also shown in her appearance "when released from Kari's body"; it is stated that others have nicknamed Kari's evil side as Yin, but she is not Yin. A crimson glow and triangular marks are also said to appear around Kari's eyes, when she enters her "rage" state as Evil Kari.

The image description lists her age as 18, and her race as "Any/Human". A biography here also goes into detail on her backstory: Kari's body houses what she is meant to be - the demon and destroyer of the world. Yin, a black dragon who was the co-creator of the world (alongside Yang), chose to throw herself into darkness to create balance. For millennia, her battle with Yang raged on, until an ultimate battle where both fell - creating harmony. After millions of more years, this harmony was thrown off balance as Yin and Yang begun to return, inhabiting new bodies: Kari and Sketch. Sketch was born 17 years before Kari, something the dragons that took him in took advantage of, training him to kill Kari when she was to be born. Upon learning of the birth of Kari, Sketch was sent as an assassin, as only he had the power to kill his evil baby counterpart.

When he reached the hospital, Sketch learnt that Kari's birth had killed her mother, and knew of Kari's family history - her parents being drug addicts and alcoholics. When Sketch looked into the baby Kari's crimson eyes, and how innocent they seemed, he took pity on her, and wasn't in the right mind to kill anything. Sketch initiated a plan to change Kari for the better, despite what the other dragons might say or think, and begun a dangerous procedure of transferring some of his kind-hearted spirit into the baby monster. The baby began to momentarily cry, before reopening its eyes, which were now a crystal blue colour. She then began to laugh and fidget.

Sketch gave the baby its name, Kari, and brought it back to the dragons for a "Great Judging". Kari was presented before Rei, whose name means "spirit", after a few accusational stares, hisses, and chomps from other dragons who did not approve of a demon living with them. Rei allowed Kari to stay, but only if Sketch taught her how to be good, kind, and keep her power under control. Kari would also need to learn patience and anger management, most of all. Kari's demonic side remained locked inside her, but Sketch later discovered that it could bubble to the surface sometimes. These times were dangerous, but rare, as the demon would control Kari to destroy and kill.

At an early age, Kari had to leave Sketch, and be taken in by a normal family. Their home wasn't the best, and all throughout her younger life, Sketch kept a close eye on her - such as when he played the family's pet. He was good at faking, but had to run away from these roles eventually, as he couldn't fake his age. At the age of 6, Kari ran away from this new family, only to find herself cornered by two large dragons that wanted the evil spirit of Yin to come forth once more and lead them into a new dark world. As they advanced on Kari, Sketch appeared in his dragon form and began to fight them off, as she continued to run.

Kari couldn't believe what she just witnessed, and sought shelter in a cave with a light at the end. This light turned out to be fire coming from a little pink worm-like thing - a young dragon. Kari squeaked as it pounced at her, then began to laugh. Kari named the dragon Ember, and became her best friend. Later, Kari met Sketch again, but did not recognize him. Over time, she began to remember him, and against all odds, the two fell in love - forming an unbreakable bond.[24]

My Angel, My Devil (2010-04-29)

Kari and Evil Kari, both semi-transparent, behind a sad Sketch. Kari also looks a bit sad, while Evil Kari just grins.[25]

.:Sunset:. (2010-05-08)

Kari and Sketch look into each other's eyes, in front of a sunset. The image description states Kari's shading isn't as good as Sketch's, and that Sketch is bigger than her because he is a wolf and she is a fox.[26]

Spirit Of The Sun (2010-05-11)

The image description states that Kari will be done next, and ask the viewer to guess what she is the spirit of.[27]

Spirit Of The Moon (2010-05-11)

Kari is seen flying in front of a moon-lit sky background (by DeviantArt user Horuni). The image description once again lists Kari as the spirit of moon.[28]

another Fail (2010-06-27)

Sketches of a chibi Kari being cute. The image has text informing the viewer that these are "fails". The image description also calls this image another fail, but notes that the sketches are kinda cute.[29]

Noobs and Regs : ISCRIBBLE (2010-07-10)

Kari looking happy next to a love heart. The image description states that this was The-F0X's first time on iScribble, that she used a mouse as she didn't have a tablet, and that she also got the layers wrong, but the end result is still pretty epic.[30]

REQUEST: Shay (2010-08-23)

The image description states that this pose and fire were originally going to be used for Kari.[31]

Iscribbling with my idol (2010-09-29)

A headshot of Kari, done in iScribble.[32]

.:Sketch Dump:. (2010-10-21)

Sketches on pink paper show Kari and Sketch nuzzling each other, Kari and Sketch looking at each other (with Kip close by), and Sketch not amused at Kari in the Powerpuff Girls art style.

Sketches on white paper show Sketch comforting a sad Kari, Kari hugging a sandwich, Kari sitting next to Kip, and Kari and Cari slapfighting each other while Sketch facepalms.

The image description contains the 2nd time that Evil Kari is referred to as Cari, and this would continue from this point onwards.[33]

EXD-002 -capture- (2010-11-17)

Kari hovering behind EXD-002, as Sketch, Luna, and Lexi attempt to capture and restrain him. The image description states that Kari's anatomy is "extra fail".[34]

WhiteFox :3 (2010-12-15)

The image description states this character looks like Kari, and that's supposed to be the point. A clone, changed to be a different, kind of freaky, yet awesome clone that doesn't look like Kari at all.[35]

.:Dream:. (2010-12-26)

Kari sleeping on a pillow, in front of a starry, cloudy sky.[36]

Animation-1 (2011)


Page3 (2011)


ref065 (2011)


ref067 (2011)


Kari Lineart (2011-01-08)


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