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Lexi-Cat / The-F0X character
Halle ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byLexi-Cat
Additional design byJordyn-Rae Morrison
  • 23 (season 1)
  • 24 (season 2)
  • 35 (movie)

Halle is an original character created by Lexi-Cat as a character in a DnD campaign. Her physical appearance was co-designed by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Halle appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as the captain of an airship that spends a week hovering over cities, towns, or suburbs in a set order before docking, refueling, moving onto the next location, and then repeating the cycle once all locations have been visited.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Halle (DnD) (2016-10-03)

Halle is listed as a 19 year old Birali Mage. Like Lexi-Cat's previous character Lexi, they can summon fire.[1]

DnD Character Lineup (2016-11-05)

Walk cycle animation of Halle and friends walking through a town.[2]

A collection of pics n scenes relating to a DnD campaign I’m in :3 (2017-02-11)

Halle raises her hands in an anime cat pose.[3]

Swaying Hips - Animatic (2017-04-18)

In this video using audio from Dragon Age, Halle appears in a thought bubble when Luna mentions owning a cat.[4]

A DnD Wonderland (2017-04-27)

In this video using audio from Brandon Rogers, Halle holds a captured goblin which gets killed by Wendolyn, so she drops it. She then claims she is a flower, and gets scared by Amber. Later she appears on fire, claiming to be photosynthesizing, and at the end she is stomped on and stabbed by horses and various creatures, and also catches on fire again.[5]

HER (Meme) (2017-05-27)

Halle appears at the end, in silhouette form, as one of Wendolyn's friends.[6]

Combat Practice Animatic (2017-09-10)

Animatic version of The First Fairytale: Combat Practice (see below). Halle watches the fight between Luna and Amber, and receives a prize at the end for betting on Luna, unlike in the final version. Voice actress bloopers are also included here.[7]

The First Fairytale: Combat Practice (2018-10-25)

Halle watches a fight between Luna and Amber, cheering when Amber is defeated. An extra piece of art of her is included in the credits.[8]

Other appearances

Due to the nature of the way images of Halle are shared in the The-F0X 'n' Friends Discord server, it is impossible to accurately date or link to sources for these images.

However for archival purposes, they are still listed below, with the dates in the title being the date they were first posted to the Discord server:

  • 20181114 - halle: A faux reference sheet, noting Halle's 1 spear, her being a loose cannon that jumps on goblins/under carts/into fire/in front of orcs, etc., her being besties with Anubis and to ask her about the afterlife, and that she hisses at stray cats to assert dominance. The number 1111111201111 is also listed.
  • 20190107 - party_time: Halle brings balloons to a party, prompting Luna to jump out of an airship's window.
  • 20190109 - 41180520_232386810963304_434343505704255488_n: Image from The First Fairytale: Combat Practice (see above), but with certain layers disabled.
  • 20190109 - 41237166_2649359355089904_7052110453471707136_n: Lineless Halle with a basic smiley face.
  • 20190122 - 19046793_10208254799277054_1466023704_n: Halle "bruh" reacts to Luna collapsing in front of her after Luna accidentally tastes poison as Ivy (a mix of Luna and Amber, not Ivy the dragon).
  • 20190206 - Escape_the_Pit: Halle is scared at things happening around her, before finally getting teleported out of the pit.
  • 20190225 - 32239600_10210527732058953_1246775464966488064_n: Halle asks lesbians what their wisdom is.
  • 20190225 - 32293366_10210527732138955_2198054920815378432_n: Halle gets a response from Wendolyn and Luna.
  • 20190325 - Scream_comic: Halle asks Amber about Luna screaming, and then sees Luna falling through the sky, causing her to panic a bit.
  • 20190430 - DB_Halle: Lineart of Halle from The First Fairytale: Combat Practice (see above) being concerned next to a Dutch Brother.
  • 20190504 - 26036068_10209624070067968_1234495033_o: Halle in a snowball fight.
  • 20190506 - 32266312_10210527740779171_1661669000817410048_n: Halle saying she can't argue with Wendolyn and Luna's wisdom.
  • 20190507 - Luna_Halle_Mafia: Halle in a mafia outfit, from an AU.
  • 20190509 - unknown: Halle acting as a cat, next to a confused Amber.
  • 20190516 - halle1: Halle wearing Wendolyn's boots, breaking them with her giant feet.
  • 20190516 - halle2: Halle running from an angry Wendolyn.
  • 20190521 - oh_god_halle: Lineless Halle art.
  • 20190724 - 27591618_10209884125009179_299267804_n, 20190724 - 27718586_10209884214051405_654723464_n, 20190724 - 27591803_10209884214011404_179925073_n, 20190724 - 27583825_10209884214091406_149190450_n: Halle stops Amber from eating a pet and offers a potato instead. Amber cries and claims she can't eat it because certain plants are sacred to her species.
  • 20190807 - image0: Walk cycle from DnD Character Lineup (see above), but with a white background.


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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