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The-F0X character
Drake ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
  • 6 (season 1)
  • 7 (season 2)
  • 18 (movie)

Drake is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Drake appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as Nala's best friend, however, he will not hesitate to thwart her "evil plans" when they get too crazy.


Nyah Has an Adventure

CariPet (2011)

Drake is seen sitting with a neutral expression. The filename refers to the fact that he didn't have a name at this point, and is simply known as Cari's pet.[1]

ref051 (2011)

A happy Drake is shown wagging his tail, while bothering an annoyed Cari.

An older, grown-up Drake is seen at the top of a mountain, with a stick-figure on his tail for size reference.[2]

ref052 (2011)

Drake is shown from the side, angrily sticking his tongue out, leaning to his right, and from the back.[3]

.:Drake Card:. (2011-02-22)

Drake on a card, floating with his feet pointing upwards. According to the image description, Drake was given his name by DeviantArt user grant-the-gersh.[4]

The-F0X (2011-03-06)

Drake stares ahead in this version of The-F0X's DeviantArt ID.[5]

.:OK:. (2011-05-14)

Drake angrily growls, in a defensive pose. The image description says that Drake acting evil like this is "cute". The-F0X also states here that Drake is supposed to be smaller than this, but he can "change his size", so that doesn't matter. She goes on to say that usually he's supposed to be the size of a cat, and that would make him one large cat in this image, if that's the case.[6]

.:Stitch:: Ref:. (2011-06-03)

Drake is mentioned in the image description as Stitch is said to look like a fully-grown Drake, except for the fact that Stitch and Drake are completely different species.[7]

ATTACK OF THE OCs :DUMP: (2011-06-20)

Drake looks smug, in blue pen.[8]

.:Drake Headshot:. (2011-09-30)

Drake is seen happy in front of a dark-red gradient background, with bright-red runes. The image description states that even though he looks cute, he'll try and scratch your eyes out, when given the command. He is said to love Cari more than anything in the world, and also thinks that she is his mother. On the opposite end, Cari hates him more than anything in the world, but he always wants to make her happy. As Cari cannot stand him, her other pets Anubis and Plague look after him. Anubis also used to hate Drake, but now seemingly adopts him as a son. The-F0X states that she tried to hard to make Drake look cute in this image, but that "killed it".[9]

.:Cari Headshot:. (2011-09-30)

In the image description, Drake is listed as one of Cari's pets. It is said she finds him extremely annoying, but she doesn't simply kill him as she knows that would waste "the power that he holds".[10]

Iscribble.... scribbles XD (2011-10-06)

Image features the step-by-step process behind ::Stroll by Sunset:: (see below), with one of the differences being Drake's facial expression changing from a happy one to a sad one.[11]

::Stroll by Sunset:: (2011-10-06)

Drake on Cari's back as they take a stroll at sunset.[12]

:: OC PARTAY :: (2011-11-08)

Drake happily notices something beyond Chime's tail.[13]

:: Comic Page Test :: (2011-11-11)

Drake "thraa~"s in agreement when Cari asks her pets if they know what to do.[14]

Original Creatures and Design selling oUo (2011-12-02)

A sad Drake is shown as an example of his species, Draken, in this listing of original species that The-F0X made, along with colours/designs that were for sale. The image description states that he is of course, not for sale, and is only shown here as he's the only example of his species.[15]

Drake goes rawr BD (2011-12-02)

Drake roars. The image description states the sound he actually makes is more of a "Thrrraaa~". Usually having a serious face, or the mean-ness of a cat with rabies, he simply goes crazy whenever he's around Cari, who he thinks is his "mum". The image description also says to expect more of him.[16]

Iscribble Dump (2011-12-30)

Drake rests in front of Anubis, with one eye open.[17]

.: We're coming for you ... :. (2012-01-12)

Drake stares down a cliff, with Cari and her other two pets.[18]

Drake n Kip (2012-01-29)

Drake seen next to Kip. While Kip is labelled as "absolutely worthless", multiple labels surround Drake, pointing out such things like: his good hearing (though he pays little attention), his moderate eyesight, his wings for flying, his strong legs, and his tail for balance.[19]

Class doodles (2012-02-21)

A stick figure Drake is commanded to attack by a stick figure Cari. Drake claims that he's being helpful, before his text becomes a bunch of random letters.

Drake lovingly sits next to Cari, who sits with a neutral expression.

Drake hangs from a tree by using his tail.

Drake sits with a smirk.

Drake hovering with a surprised expression.

Drake stalking, while breathing out a puff of fire/smoke.

Drake sticking his tongue out.

Text on the image refers to Drake as a "rabbit-goat-deer-bat-lizard-dragon-lemur-dog thing".

The image description says the drawing of Drake's face "makes" the entire image, and that Drake was also the last thing drawn on the page.[20]

WIP Animation (2012-02-23)

WIP of :pewf: ::ANIMATION:: (see below), without Drake.[21]

WIP Animation 2 (2012-02-24)

WIP of :pewf: ::ANIMATION:: (see below), now with Drake.[22]

More sketches :D (2012-03-02)

Drake looks confused, in a chibi-style.[23]

Drake (2012-03-30)

Drake hovering, with his tongue sticking out. The image description refers to him as a "little rabbitdeerbatdragonlemurgoatthing", omitting the "dog" from the last time he was referred to like this.[24]

I hate my life. (2012-03-31)

Drake nuzzles up against an annoyed Cari, who occasionally looks down at him. The image description simply states "Drake loves you, 'mommy'".[25]

Drake figure 1 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a profile view.[26]

Drake figure 2 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a back view.[27]

Drake figure 3 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a profile view, again.[28]

Drake figure 4 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a back view, again.[29]

Drake figure 5 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a back 3/4 view.[30]

Drake figure 6 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a front view.[31]

Drake figure 7 (2012-04-03)

A clay figurine of Drake made during her art class. Seen from a front 3/4 view.[32]

:pewf: ::ANIMATION:: (2012-04-18)

Drake looking bored, immediately perks up when Cari emerges from water. When he sees her shaking the water off, he is a bit surprised, then when she poofs up, he just gives an embarrassed smile.[33]

Pixel Drake Animation (2012-05-13)

Drake bobs up and down, occasionally swishing his tail, and letting out a puff of fire.[34]

Drake being... Drake (2012-07-05)

Drake breathing fire and happily perking up after the fact. The image description quotes him as thinking "I can breathe fire? ERMEGERSH" and that he'll be completely amused "for the next lifetime".[35]

Zombies and Tapeworms : Sketchdump (2012-09-01)

Drake as a zombie, with holes in his wings, flesh rotting off, broken horns, and parts of his skeleton being exposed.[36]

Cauldron Bubble Welcome Sign (2012-10-02)

Drake staring into a cauldron, and occasionally blinking.[37]

try again BI (2010-10-02)

Drake looking back, as a sticker.[38]

Chase da butterfly (2012-10-20)

Drake galloping after a yellow butterfly. The image description says he's only a baby, and that he'll totally eat the butterfly when he catches it.[39]

I have no idea what i'm doing (2012-10-20)

Looping animation where a derpy Drake breathes a small bit a fire above his head, and sticks his tongue out.[40]

Herp a derp a herpderpdrake (2012-11-10)

Drake being a derp, swishing his tail in the air.[41]

: Fly By : (2012-11-20)

Drake enjoying a sunset with Cari and her other two pets.[42]

Traditional Ultimate Sketch Dump :I (2012-12-06)

Drake sleeping behind Cari's legs.

A headshot of an angry Drake.

Drake hanging onto one of Cari's open wings.

Drake speaking a heart symbol.

Drake stating "What."; arms folded.

Drake floating a bit, with a smile.

Drake wagging his tail with a rodent in his mouth, showing it off to Cari, whilst thinking "Present?". She cautiously responds with a "Gee, thanks?".

A traditionally-coloured pencil sketch of Drake.

A coloured sketch of Drake on lined paper.

Drake in a group photo, without his eyes coloured in.

Drake hanging onto Cari's shoulder, with a love heart.

Drake floating upside-down, as a flying Cari stares down at him.[43]

Human Headshots (2013-01-18)

A headshot of Drake as a human child.[44]

STOP ANNOYING ME (2013-02-06)

Drake leaps away from Anubis shouting at him.[45]

Anubis Photomanip (2013-02-08)

The image description mentions a photomanipulation of Drake was created too, but that it wasn't "as awesome".[46]

: Deathly Forest : (2013-02-09)

A photo-manipulated Drake in a forest with Anubis and Plague.[47]

856192_4165722070752_2021364527_o (2013-02-19)

In silhouette, Drake flies after Sketch, Kari, Kip, Luna, Cari, and two other pets in front of the setting sun in a desert.[48]

DRAKE DOLL :D (2013-03-01)

Images of a teddy bear-like plush doll that The-F0X made of Drake, shown sitting on a bench. The image description mentions it is her first attempt at sewing and sculpting with air-dry clay. It is 38cm from ear tip to tail tip, and 32cm from hand to hand. It is not posable but sits fine, and is great for cuddles.[49]

Yep Drake's a perv. (2013-03-01)

Drake pokes his head out from the top of Cari's clothes, as she wears them, and she wonders how he even got in there.

Drake on Cari's shoulders; he reaches down her back, claiming to want "dat ass". Cari tells him that she'll skin him alive if he grabs her butt again.

Drake, behind DeviantArt user WhiteAndGold, reaches one of his arms around her front and begins groping one of her breasts. She lets it happen, but is unsure whether to be pleased or worried.

The image description states that this compilation of images is all WhiteAndGold's fault, but that Drake really is a pervert. However, it is noted that he probably just doesn't understand that boobs aren't for groping.[50]

Gateway to Imagination - ID (2013-03-16)

Drake is seen leaping out of a Wacom tablet.[51][52]

Stitch Doll :D (2013-04-28)

The image description mentions how this doll turned out better than Drake's doll.[53]

More human practice (2013-06-29)

Flat colour version of : Bow To Your Princess : (see below).[54]

: Bow To Your Princess : (2013-07-05)

Drake flying behind Cari, in the moonlight, both surrounded by a bunch of crows.[55]

MY HAM LEG (2013-07-24)

Stitch stumbles upon a ham leg, but Drake swiftly appears to guard it. Stitch growls at Drake, and Drake hisses at Stitch. Stitch then scampers off, leaving Drake to blink in surprise, and look proud of himself. It turns out Stitch only left upon seeing Cari, Plague and Anubis, who then look at each other and grin.[56]

Did someone order a bunch of OC's ? (2013-08-25)

An image featuring all of The-F0X's dolls so far up to the point of the image upload, including Drake. The image description mentions that a revamped Drake doll is on its way, with its head currently sitting on The-F0X's desk, "watching".[57]

Luna Doll :D (2013-08-25)

The image description has The-F0X state that she needs to find the motivation to complete the new Drake doll.[58]

Drake Doll v.2 :D (2013-09-02)

Images of the second version of the Drake doll, surrounding a brand new image of a hovering Drake. The image description mentions various differences to the first version, with different furs used (black and white) - both being cut to the correct length, the usage of plastic eyes, a different pose, and posable wings.[59]

Waiting for mamma (2013-09-29)

Drake sits on Anubis' flank, both waiting for Cari to come back from wherever she wondered off to. The image description states that the title is aimed more at Drake than Anubis, as Anubis is more like Cari's dad than her baby (a la Drake). The-F0X also mentions she loves drawing both Drake and Anubis in peaceful scenes like this.[60]

Human Sketch Dump (2013-10-15)

Drake peering from behind Cari's shoulder as she sits with her legs crossed.

Sketch of Drake flying, at a stage where his wings are pointing down.

Drake on Cari's shoulders, as she sits with her legs in front. He has his mouth wide open, and has a heart-shape floating next to his head.

Drake flying away from Nala, who chases him whilst lovingly calling him a "Kitty".

Drake hovering, with his wings wide, and his mouth wide open.[61]

:: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 :: (2013-12-24)

Drake appears at the base of the Christmas tree, leaping from present to present.[62]

Sketch dump of angels and demons :D (2014-01-12)

Nala hugging Drake close to her chest as he makes a "Thraa!" noise. Nala tells her "aunty Cari" that she loves Cari's "kitty", but is reminded by Cari that Drake is a draken, not a cat.[63]

Where are we going, mama? (2014-01-15)

Drake with Cari, seemingly asking the question in the title of the image.[64]

Drawings in my new sketchbook (2014-01-25)

Uncoloured sketch of Drake hunched up, and a coloured sketch of Drake hugged to Cari's chest.[65]

Lazy Days (2014-02-05)

Remake of .:Lazy Days:. which only included Cari before. Drake sleeps above Cari's head. The image description refers to him and Cari's other pets as "minions".[66]

Drake Trot Cycle (2014-02-21)

Animated cycle of Drake trotting. In the image description, The-F0X says to quote her on the phrase "I never finish animations but when I do, they're Drake.", and that Drake is "so easy to animate".[67]

DRAKE process (2014-02-21)

Process for the creation of Drake Trot Cycle (see above).[68]

Typical Morning (2014-05-26)

When Carin is woken up by Drake rustling at the end of her bed, she addresses him as his species name "draken". Drake stares at her, growling, and she asks him if he's hungry. He continues to growl as they both hop off the bed, and she then asks him if they should go and see what the staff have for them. The image description notes this is the first appearance of grown-up Drake. Like Anubis to Cari, Drake is Carin's guardian. Carin also usually calls him by his species' name.[69]

Warm n Cosy (2014-07-13)

Carin, sitting down to read, rests her back on Drake; both in front of a fireplace.[70]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 1 (2014-08-28)

Drake and Carin rest their foreheads agains each other, looking into each others eyes, while both her hands are on his snout.

Drake sleeps next to Kitty, who is in his larger form.

Drake purrs, eyes closed, as Queen Cari pets him. She tells Drake he is way too big for getting petted. He momentarily opens his eyes as he hears Ruca scream for help, but then closes them again and continues to purr.

Drake nudges a young Carin from behind, which gives her the idea to chase Ruca and Janus down, with her riding on his back. Drake drools and slobbers as he thumps towards them, and lovingly pounces on Ruca and Janus once he's close enough.[71]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 2 (2014-08-28)

Drake loudly bangs on the door to the Celeste household, and once it is open, lovingly stares at Skeri, flicking his tongue out at her and blushing, then purring. Skeri initially screams upon seeing Drake, and tells her parents that it's just Carin, when they inquire why she screamed - which they find "extremely rude". Carin (as a mouse) then hops off Drake, and into Skeri's hands.[72]

Spellbook Series : Pt.1 (2015-03-01)

Drake stands behind Carin and Kitty, wrapping his tail around to Carin's front.[73]

Towards the Sun + SPEEDPAINT (2015-03-31)

Remake of : Fly By :, with Drake now on Cari's legs, being petted by her.[74] The image description links to a speedpaint of the piece.[75]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

Drake worriedly tries to comfort a crying Cari.

Drake nuzzles up against a happy Carin.[76]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

The page for Carin lists Drake as one of her pets, and as one of her weapons.[77]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-20)

The page for Cari lists Drake as one of her pets.[78]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Carin happily rests her hand on an angry Drake.

Drake snarls at Kip as they are both held to their owners' chests.

Drake looks ready to pounce from a happy Cari's arm.[79]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-31)

The page for Cari (AU) lists Drake as her only pet.[80]

Well that took a good chunk of time XD now for the shading ugh (2015-10-04)

Line art version of the red eyed character piece (see below).[81]

red eyed character piece (2015-10-05)

Drake flies in from the top-left corner, behind Yin.[82]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Drake as a pet in the AU, and as a demon pet in the RU.[83]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (2015-12-02)

Drake initially appears with his tail wrapped around Queen Cari's throne. He growls as he is scratched by her, then nuzzles up against her, and flicks out his tongue.[84]

Pixel Snuggles (2016-02-02)

Carin and Kitty snuggle up against a sleeping Drake.[85]

Demon crew (2016-10-03)

An angry Drake, mouth wide open, as he stands inbetween Anubis' legs.[86]

50122795_366126714208572_2667955455740870656_n (2019-01-20)

The foot of one of the Drake dolls is visible in an image posted to The-F0X 'n' Friends Discord.[87]

unknown (2020-05-25)

Drake snarling and hissing again, wings raised.[88]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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