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Nyah Has an Adventure species
Home world
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Created byDarien Brice Dickinson
  • Amphibian
  • Avian
  • Mammal
  • Marine
  • Reptile
  • Winged insect

A creature is any non-human species in the animated sitcom Nyah Has an Adventure that is anthropomorphic in a way that differentiates them from regular animals. Creatures were conceived by Darien Brice Dickinson and first appear in the pilot episode Enter: Nyah, as they form half of the universe's population.

In the series, creatures start making themselves known to the public immediately after the war between humans and parasites, and claim to be descended from regular animals. They are also not mutants formed by any of the biochemical weapons that were used in said war.


Darien created the creatures as a way to have humanoid animal-like characters in the series, as he didn't want to design a lot of different humans.


In order to have many unique designs, a single male and female of each creature race was decided to be the current maximum, unless the scripts require parents, siblings or other relatives of one of the characters to be shown on-screen.

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  • Parasites, a non-human species that can use creatures as host bodies.

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