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The-F0X character
Cecilia ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
  • 17 (season 1)
  • 18 (season 2)
  • 29 (movie)

Cecilia is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Cecilia appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as a volunteer council library assistant.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Cecilia the Harpy (2015-01-12)

Cecilia is a harpy phoenix nerd girl. The design in this image is stated to not be final.[1]

Cecilia (2015-01-28)

Cecilia is shown sitting on a treebranch.[2]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

Cecilia is shown from behind, getting excited over books, and napping in a tree. She is temporarily woken up by Skeri and Carin being late for class.[3]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

Cecilia was born on January 8, 2097. She is 18 years old. Her sexual orientation is straight, and she is single. Her species is listed as phoenix siren, she has a height of 5'6, average build, red/orange hair, and green eyes. She has no known relatives. In combat, she uses magic as a last resort. Her fighting style is evasive and defensive. Her abilities include things to do with fire, music and tears. She can heal/calm anyone that hears or has contact with her. She can combust into flames/ashes when sick or scared, and can regenerate from this.[4]

Hunger Games Simulator - OC's (2015-08-29)

Harper runs from danger, pulling Cecilia along with her.[5]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Cecilia swats at some birds who love her, and attends a pool party.[6]

Sad Birb (2015-10-20)

Cecilia cries, while surrounded by ash and sparks.[7][8]

Watercolour Birb because Dom said so (2015-11-22)

Cecilia rises from the ashes.[9]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Cecilia as being part of the School.[10]

Cecilia Practice Sketches (2016-03-28)

A sketch dump of Cecilia, with her shown in profile, in flight, affirming she's a siren, showing off her wings, being naked, and singing - among other things.[11]

Pandora (2016-05-02)

The image description mentions Cecilia being based off a songbird, in contrast to Pandora being a bird of prey.[12]

Burning Birb (2016-05-03)

Cecilia is shown bleeding heavily and on fire. The image description states that although she is based on a phoenix, her feathers aren't that fireproof.[13]

Taking combat training seriously (2019-01-26)

Cecilia fights her bestie Harper in combat training. Cecilia strikes with her claws, then uses magic to fire ashes. Harper attempts to block the ashes by rapidly spinning her spear, but they get in her nose, causing her to sneeze. They both giggle about it afterwards.[14]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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