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The-F0X character
Carin ID.png
First appearanceEnter: Nyah
Last appearanceNyah Has a Movie
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Additional design by
  • Lexi-Cat
  • Muddison
  • 18 (season 1)
  • 19 (season 2)
  • 30 (movie)

Carin is an original character created by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, with additional help from Lexi-Cat. Certain elements of her design can also be attributed to Muddison, due to the character being an offspring of Ruin. In Studio RGB-Newt productions, Carin appears in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure as the daughter of King Ruin and Queen Cari, making her a princess of Western Australia, and Ruca's sister. Carin works as a newscaster and presenter on a government-funded public television channel.


Nyah Has an Adventure

Royal Children (2014-02-11)

Carin is seen lounging next to Ruca, leaping forward, as a headshot, and flying under Skeri. The image description blames Lexi-Cat for these characters, but much to Lexi's disapproval, it is stated these characters do not technically exist as they won't be used anytime soon. Unlike her father Ruin, who has yellow shadow magic, what would be yellow in the shadows on Ruin is red on Carin. Like her mother, Cari, she has bat/bird wings. Unlike Cari though, her bird feathers extend below the bat part, and overlay the back of it. Though Carin looks a lot like her mum, she doesn't act like her, instead being very calm like her aunt Kari.[1]

The Next Generation (2014-05-25)

Carin is shown standing, a novel titled "Dead Romance" in hand, and part of house Abaddon - a kind of surname for his family. The royal children characters were made canon, and drawn fairly older at around 18 years of age because The-F0X hates drawing kids and kids in general. Rather than being chucked into the fragile and working system of OC storylines, these characters were added to a brand new alternate universe (AU). The characters are stated to be really fun to work with. As their parents are kind of immortal, in that they don't age, this AU is 100 years or so in the future from where the main storyline is. The characters will be drawn at various stages of their lives. House Abaddon, which means ruin, destruction, or dwelling place of the dead is the ruling empire of the demon/shadow realms. Carin and Ruca are non-identical twins.

Unlike her brother, Carin is quiet and passive. She is really into reading and learning. Contrary to the stereotypical outgoing demon child, Carin will very rarely look for a fight or show aggression. When the need arises though, Carin will use her abilities to shut down any impending danger. Again, unlike her brother, Carin possesses immense magical abilities, and the use of these abilities in combat is a rare sight, but one not easily forgotten. Carin spent a fair chunk of time with her aunt, Kari, when she was growing up. The Celeste domain is a much more peaceful place than her own home, though she does love her own home. Carin tries to avoid combat practice as much as possible, but when she had to, her opponents were often little match for her anyway.[2]

Typical Morning (2014-05-26)

Carin wakes up, with a rustling at the end of her bed. She sees Drake there and addresses him by his species' name "draken". Drake growls, and Carin asks if he's hungry. They both hop off the bed and Carin asks if they shall see what the staff have prepared for them. The image description describes this as a typical morning in the Abaddon house. Originally, there were going to be similar comics for Ruca and Skeri, but this was decided against. Like Anubis to Cari, Drake is stated to be Carin's guardian.[3]

Warm n Cosy (2014-07-13)

Carin in front of a fireplace, resting against Drake to read The Catcher in the Rye. The image description states Carin is finally looking more like how The-F0X wants her to look now.[4]

Princess Stripey Pants (2014-08-05)

Carin floating about. The image description says she's becoming almost as popular with Cari among The-F0X's doodles, and asks if you can tell Carin's favourite animal is the zebra.[5]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 1 (2014-08-28)

Carin is seen with her brother and cousin in a parallel universe. She is in her regular human form, and crosses her arms as Skeri tries to figure out a map. She passively agrees with Ruca when he states they're going to die.

Carin is shown yelling at Kitty to put down her uncle Sketch, who is in Kitty's mouth.

Carin is seen resting on top of Kitty's larger form.

Carin is shown with her head against Drake's, hands on his muzzle, as they look into each other's eyes.

Carin is seen performing a loop, flying upside down.

Carin is shown holding Kitty, surrounded by things she loves. These include: Mondays, the passionfruit flower, purple, the letter q, strawberry milkshakes, zebras, dawn/dusk, and springtime.

Carin is seen disgusted by Ruca's eating habits as he chows down on multiple chicken drumsticks.

Carin is shown sleeping on a sleeping Kitty, with a sleeping Drake also nearby.

Carin swordfights with Ruca. Unable to hold a certain position, this leads to Ruca cutting her on the cheek. Trembling in pain, Kitty appears to protect her. She looks mad at Ruca for a bit, before being surprised when Kitty raises his paw above Ruca, then she curls up into a fetal position when Kitty slams his paw down. She confirms that she is okay to Kitty, but then sees Ruca's daggers flying towards Kitty, shouting his name when Kitty gets struck. Carin then yells out Ruca's name. When Ruca charges towards Kitty with a sword, Carin uses her shadow magic to stop Ruca in his tracks, and crushes his body with the magic also.

A young Carin chases after Ruca and Janus who have stolen Kitty. Sniffling and puffing, unable to catch up to them, Carin is nudged on the back by Drake. This gives her the idea to ride Drake, who pounces on the perpetrators.

A young Skeri offers the young Carin a balloon, but Carin says that demons are not allowed to have balloons.

Future Carin wears a balloon hat, saying it's a giraffe.

Ruin holds young Carin in the air, and she says "Higher, daddy!".

Carin slapfights Ruca, but is shocked when Cari uses the horns on her crown to stab Ruca in the back. She looks sad, then retreats with a "goodnight", out of fear from potentially getting stabbed herself.

A library card floats near Carin's head, leading to some Doge meme antics.

Carin reads a book at a table, with a muscular guy nearby. He touches her book, and Carin immediately jumps onto the table to strangle him with her tail, and also hiss at him.[6]

DIGITAL SKETCH/COMIC DUMP 2014 part 2 (2014-08-28)

Carin is confused when Luna in a chef hat asks her to get in a small bowl.

Carin gets turned into a mouse by Ruca. Ruin holds her up to Cari, who leaves. Carin wishes not to be a mouse, and is poked in the belly by Ruca, who calls her pudgy. She calls him evil, and he says it runs in the family. Carin calls Skeri on the phone and asks her to take a book out that will help her predicament. Arriving at the Celeste house via Drake, she leaps into Skeri's arms and is also called pudgy by Skeri.

On a stroll with Ruca and Skeri, Carin is completely lost in a book. After sighing, she bumps into Fetch and begins to apologize. She blushes upon seeing Fetch, and apologizes again, her family symbol pendant clinking around - cluing Fetch into her identity. When Fetch claims he is at fault, and asks for the princess to forgive him, Carin responds positively. Ruca suggests that Carin should have Fetch executed instead. When Fetch and his sister leave, Carin blushes and says a soft goodbye, and looks annoyed when Skeri implies that Carin bumped into Fetch on purpose due to his looks.

Carin also looks annoyed when Katherine inquires as to what Kitty is. When Katherine pokes Kitty with her staff, Carin becomes concerned, and asks Kitty to be gentle. When Kitty later dangles Katherine over his mouth, Carin tries to get him to stop as it is bad for their image.[7]

Casual Stroll (2015-01-27)

Pixel art animation of Carin strolling while reading a book. Kitty trails behind her, with the image description telling Kitty that he's gotta stop following Carin like that.[8]

Spellbook Series : Pt.1 (2015-03-01)

Carin holds Kitty in front of Drake, who has his tail around her.[9]

11059657_10203185697232671_870010879528483673_n (2015-03-13)

Carin holds Kitty while on a stroll with Malakai.[10]

Sketch Dump June 2015 (2015-06-19)

Carin cries in the rain while holding Kitty, in an alternate colour palette.

Carin sweats and nervously laughs when Malakai informs her that Kari is curious as to how Carin is finishing volumes of books so quickly.

Carin pets the side of Drake's head as he nuzzles against her.

When discussing each other's report cards, Carin makes a mom joke about Kari around Skeri, and gets chased by Skeri. Finding a hiding spot under a tree, Kitty nearly slips out of her arms, and Carin is then tackled by Skeri from above. Skeri tries to blackmail Carin, but Carin calls on Kitty, who grows in size to get Skeri off Carin. Later at the discussion of grades in the Celeste house, Carin has a giggle and says that Ruca isn't the only one who failed classes, implicating Skeri. Ruca calls Carin's act cruel even for his standards. Skeri then proceeds to out Carin for the mom joke she told. Carin apologizes to Kari, and Cari and Ruin are proud of their daughter for telling the joke.

After Carin falls asleep in the library, Skeri goes to get her as they're late for class. As Skeri runs, Carin flies ahead and informs her that flying is more effective, getting Skeri to fly too. One of Carin's feathers falls on Katherine's face, temporarily blinding her, and Fetch takes the feather and brings it to Carin after class. He also gives Carin a pocketwatch, and Skeri in the background ships the two of them together. After standing there in silence, a bell rings and Skeri drags Carin to her next class as Carin quietly blushes and says "bye" again.[11]

For Josh (2015-07-09)

Lineart and early sketch version of Friend or Foe (see below).[12]

11061668_10203841461266362_5811967714747520667_o (2015-07-10)

Flat colour version of Friend or Foe (see below).[13]

Friend or Foe (2015-07-10)

Carin holds Kitty, who reaches his paw up in a field of red balloons.[14]

Victorian Carin (2015-07-16)

Carin and Kitty in Victorian-era clothing, as a challenge by a friend of The-F0X.[15]

Recent drawing spree of the AU bae and her possessed rabbit toy (2015-07-17)

Alongside Friend or Foe and Victorian Carin (see above), sketches of Carin and Kitty are included in the post. They feature: Carin looking worried, a scared Carin looking away from an ethereal creature, Carin with a cold (and winter wear) surrounded by snowflakes, Carin hugging Kitty as they sleep in bed, Carin saying that she will rip someone's face off, a sad Carin looking down at a sad Kitty, and Kitty acting as rabbit ears for Carin.[16]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-19)

Carin (age 18, born 8 November 2097), nicknamed Princess by Fetch, is a high/illusion demon mix. Her sexual orientation is heterosexual, her status is single, and she is currently not in a relationship. Her height is 5'3, she has a curvy/medium build, black hair with purple highlights, and red eyes with white pupils. Her parents are Cari and Ruin, her sibling is Ruca, and her pets are Kitty and Drake. In combat, her weapon is magic and also the usage of her pets. Her fighting style is defensive, and she relies on her guardians/pets. Her abilities are dark magic, fire magic, wind magic, illusions, conjuring, and possession. She also has large wings for flight.[17]

The page for Ruca lists Carin as his sibling.[18]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-20)

The page for Ruin (AU) lists Carin as one of his offspring.[19]

Hunger Games Simulator - OC's (2015-08-29)

Carin healing Ruca's burnt arm, in-between the legs of Kitty.

Carin feeling sorry for a crying Fetch, after Katherine's death.

Carin crying herself in the rain, next to Cari and with Kitty, having various bleeding cuts on her arms and legs.[20]

Digital Sketch Dump July-August 2015 (2015-08-29)

Carin losing control of her powers, red smoke coming out of her eyes, and spawning thorns everywhere.

Alongside the sketches from Recent drawing spree of the AU bae and her possessed rabbit toy (see above), more are included, such as: an angry Carin petting Kitty as he holds a book, a smug Carin holding a smug Kitty, a very happy Carin, Carin surprised that Kitty is missing, and a future Carin (with her crown and regal attire) holding an even more patched-up Kitty in her shadow magic.[21]

Traditional Sketch Dump (2015-08-29)

Carin in front of Kitty with her hand on Drake.

A happy Carin giving her brother Ruca a hug, as he reluctantly hugs her back.

Young Carin and her older self in Zebra onesies, both holding onto Kitty.

Small doodle of Carin looking a bit mad, surrounded by various drawings of Kitty. Carin also seen at the bottom of the page, eyes closed, and hugging Kitty.

Carin stretching her wings out, with Kitty sitting next to her.

Carin holding an arm of Kitty as he towers over her.

Carin holding Kitty, and resting against Ruca, as his arm is around her.

Carin wiping tears from her eyes as Ruca tries to calm her down, holding a mad Kitty.

Carin playing with Kitty's chest fluff.

Carin smooching Kitty on the cheek.

Carin protecting Kitty from Ruca with a dagger.

Carin hugging Kitty next to a teddy bear.

Carin lounging with Kitty in front of the teddy bear.

Carin yawning in her pajamas, holding a sleeping Kitty.

Carin jogging.

Carin resting her arms on Kitty's head.

Sad Carin at a pool party, holding a beach ball.[22]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-08-31)

The page for Cari (AU) lists Carin as one of her offspring.[23]

lil Carin (2015-09-01)

Chibi-looking Carin hiding her mouth, and holding Kitty.[24]

red eyed character piece (2015-10-05)

Kitty appears in this OC collage, in both her human and feral fox forms.[25]

Train drawing from the other day~ (2015-10-28)

A crying Carin, wrapping her wings around herself and Kitty, and surrounded by roses and thorns.[26]

Train doodles (2015-11-02)

Carin, surrounded by crows, smiling up at Malakai in his crow form while holding a scared Kitty.[27]

The-F0X Wikia (2015-11-23)

The navigation bar lists Carin as part of house Abaddon in the AU.[28]

Chicken scratches of random scenes (2015-11-23)

A happy Carin, holding a happy Kitty, on a walk with Fetch.[29]

Almost the last train doodles I'll be able to do this year :o (2015-11-26)

An annoyed Carin, holding a sad Kitty.[30]

Stages of a train doodle XD (2015-11-26)

Sketch, lineart and shading phases of a doodle where Carin holds onto a limp Kitty's paw as runes surround her and her black eyes bleed red smoke.[31]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (2015-12-02)

Carin arrives to the throne room when retrieved by Malakai, and asks if everything's alright, to which Cari responds that it is "for the most part". She then notices and receives a reindeer Christmas sweater gift from Poet, and pats Ruca on the cheek to cheer him up - wishing him a Merry Christmas as he tries to start a fight with her.[32]

Casually reverts back to kilometrico pens (2016-01-04)

Carin hugging Kitty, both really happy.[33]

Hey there buddy (2016-01-17)

In this video using audio from a joke fan dub of Sans from Undertale, Carin's appearance and speech causes everyone to be uneasy, and she summons thorns - again turning her eyes black with red smoke.[34]

Character Sketches (2016-02-02)

Carin appears shocked, with a frowning Kitty.[35]

Pixel Snuggles (2016-02-02)

Carin snuggles up against Drake, while holding Kitty.[36]

Sleepy Demons (2016-02-02)

Kitty sleeps on Carin while she remains awake.[37]

Cinnamon child protecting smoller cinnamon child (2016-02-05)

Early sketch animatic version of Don't Fry Your Friends (see below). Various facial expressions slightly differ.[38]

Don't Fry Your Friends (2016-02-27)

Carin slides in to protect Katherine during combat practice. Her eyes glowing and her white pupils closing, Carin puts up a spherical shield to prevent Keiko's flames from getting too close.[39][40]

#WeOut (2016-03-03)

In a redraw of a scene from Angel Beats, Carin holds Kitty and salutes as she drops backwards out of the window.[41]

What a mess (2016-04-02)

Carin and Kitty covered in blood, with their eyes glowing. The image description claims this has no background story.[42]

Abaddon Snuggles (2016-04-02)

A young Carin sleeps on her father's lap, with Kitty.[43]

Blep (2016-04-04)

Carin and Kitty, along with Skeri, rests against Ruca.[44]

No power all day gives me not much else to do other than draw (2016-04-18)

Similar to Casually reverts back to kilometrico pens (see above), but with one eye open on each character.[45]

Lazy Babies (2016-05-02)

Carin and Kitty lounging around.[46]

Class doodles of a bae and her bear (2016-05-04)

Carin with one of her eyes covered by a lovingly growling Kitty. She asks him "Do you mind?". Plus, Kitty lying on Carin's tail, and sitting snugly next to her arm as she reads a book.[47]

13246293_10205515312471596_2558622311699897373_o (2016-05-23)

A young Carin, carried by her mother Cari.[48]

Pizza (2016-09-22)

In this video using audio from "Cot Dammit Elizabeth" vines, Carin says she's not that fat, squeezes Kitty, and gets embarrassed when Ruca finishes speaking the truth.[49]

14468205_10206311082325345_1975762319655792764_o (2016-09-24)

Carin in her feral fox form, as Kitty rides on her back.[50]

14434935_10206311082405347_6196465124035864847_o (2016-09-24)

Carin, surrounded by crows, reads a book as Kitty swipes at the birds.[51]

14441011_10206311090845558_2537368093967092204_n (2016-09-24)

Carin shares a pocky with Skeri, as they both blush.[52]

Testing Limits (2016-10-03)

Carin and Cari butting heads and having an argument.[53]

Carin Symbol (2016-10-03)

A symbol to represent Carin. It is a rose losing its petals to shadow magic, surrounded by a moon and thorns.[54]

Carin/Poet Arrows (2016-10-03)

An arrow designed for Carin.[55]

15000805_10206694977202477_6808171934259447358_o (2016-11-14)

Carin, wearing regal attire and a crown, holding Kitty.[56]

Trauma (Meme) (2017-05-21)

Carin holding Kitty, before losing control of her powers and dropping him. His grinning face appears behind her as her eyes turn black with red smoke, seemingly possessed by Yin. Scenes of her hugging him are also interspersed with imagery of this overpowered form. Also noteworthy is that her wings grow spikes whilst in that form.[57]

feast_kitty (2019-07-01)

Animation of tentacles coming out of Kitty's mouth, towards the camera, as Carin hides behind him.[58]


All art by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, except where otherwise noted.


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