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"Enter: Nyah"
Nyah Has an Adventure episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 1
Directed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Written by
  • Darien Brice Dickinson
Produced by
Editing byDarien Brice Dickinson
Production codeNW-1NHA01
Running time24 minutes
Episode chronology
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"Life of an Aquabirb"
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"Enter: Nyah" is the pilot episode of the animated sitcom Nyah Has an Adventure.

In the episode, Nyah meets some new friends after being forced out of her rainforest home.



Notable events



The plot of the story was written in April 2017. A first draft of the screenplay was completed in April 2018. A second draft of the screenplay was completed in August 2018. A third and final draft of the screenplay was completed in November 2018.

In January 2019, the shot list was compiled, and text thumbnails for shots were timed to a temporary audio track.




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